Version 4.3.3

Version 4.3.3



  • Improved perfomance of database migration when upgrading to version greater than 4.0

Client Manager

  • Added support for Post-Live mode to “Litle and Co. – Vault” gateway
  • Added “Sort service plans by” option to “User Preferences” page
  • Changed “Litle and Co.” and “Litle and Co. – Vault” gateways to specify orderSource value as recurring instead of ecommerce


  • Credits Issued Report is now brand specific

Plugins & API

  • Added service agreement information to quote.get and quote.list API methods



  • Fixed a bug with SAML authentication not handling querystring arguments correctly in redirect URLs
  • Fixed issue where selecting certain options under “Quick Edit Selected” popup would cause the wrong checkbox to be checked
  • Fixed formatting when there’s only one group of Custom Fields with values
  • Improved UI formatting for smaller screen resolutions (service period prices and client details in orders)
  • Fixed date/time pickers to correctly handle 12-hour time format default value 12:00AM
  • Fixed /admin/config/log.php search breaking after navigation
  • Fixed clipping issue on graphs where bars would sometimes display outside the plot area

Client Manager

  • Contract term and rate plan updates will now be properly reflected into the service’s information section
  • Fixed “Ticket Billing” service module false overage notification
  • Improved handling for the “assigned” values on the Service Plan Upgrades page
  • Improved renewal date calculation for service created with a start date in the past and having period other than 1 month
  • Fixed the SureTax integration not providing the correct service quantity
  • Fixed email templates for Payment Received Notices, Credit Generated and Account Statement not supporting ##html## and ##nobr## variables
  • Fixed uncaught exception when attempting to change a service’s service plan
  • Fixed NetFlow summary being incorrectly displayed in service details, invoices and API responses
  • Fixed issues with handling of emails and long names with Paysafe and Paysafe Token integrations
  • Fixed issue when displaying search fields for clients/leads list and client/lead mail log report
  • Fixed “Litle and Co. – Vault” gateway incorrectly relaying CVV2 data
  • Fixed an error when trying to view or edit cards with “Paysafe Token” gateway, when created under the “Paysafe” (non-tokenized) gateway
  • Fixed “Litle and Co. – Vault” gateway incorrectly storing CVV2 data

Support Manager

  • Fixed “Open Ticket” order module incorrectly indicating a “sent to” header when creating an internal ticket
  • Fixed “add department” links for edit ticket escalations and edit ticket filters

Device Manager

  • Improved error handling when adding devices
  • Fixed uncaught exception when trying to access a zone’s configuration
  • Fixed “Edit Rack” link not opening in a new popup window

Order Manager

  • Fixed issue where order.create API method could create orders using deactivated service plans

Plugins & API

  • Added a new parameter external_attributes to client.domain_register API method and added the corresponding client.domain_external_attributes_get API method to handle required external attributes for a configured TLD
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