Support Roles

Ubersmith responsibilities:

  • Standard Support – If you have any technical or other support issues specific to Ubersmith, our Support team is available Monday-Friday 9:00am ET – 6:00pm ET and we aim to reply to any ticket within two business days. Emergency Technical response is available to our premium support customers.
  • Installation – For new customers, our support team will install Ubersmith for you. We ask that you provision a Linux server with the base version of one of our supported operating systems and SSH connectivity. In addition to the installation of Ubersmith, our support team will take care of the initial installation of any supplementary software (such as PHP, MySQL, etc.). Ubersmith support does installations Monday – Thursday starting at 10:00am ET and ending at 2:00pm ET.
  • Upgrade – We will also upgrade your version of Ubersmith up to the most recent version of Ubersmith that you are licensed for. We only ask that you notify our support team of any custom code that you have running so it will be properly preserved. Ubersmith support does upgrades Monday – Thursday starting at 10:00am ET and ending at 2:00pm ET.
  • Migration – Our Support team can perform a standard migration of your instance of Ubersmith to a different server (or servers). You may request a migration and upgrade during the same downtime window. Like with new installations, we ask that you provision a server with a base OS and SSH connectivity. As with an upgrade, we ask that you make us aware of any custom code that needs to be preserved. Ubersmith support does migrations Monday – Thursday starting at 10:00am ET and ending at 2:00pm ET.

Customer responsibilities:

  • System Administration – Customers are responsible for standard system administration tasks, such as:
    • OS Install – While we handle the majority of an installation or migration, we ask that you provide a base OS install with SSH connectivity. Please refer to our System Requirements for a list of supported OSes.
    • DNS Routing – After installation or migration of Ubersmith, your System Administrator will need to handle pointing your server to the correct address.
    • SSL Certificates – Our customers are responsible for purchasing, installing, and renewing any necessary SSL certificates.
    • PCI/Other Compliance – While we take security seriously, there are many issues that can fail in a compliance scan that are not Ubersmith-specific. We can provide proof of our compliance certifications and provide suggestions, but your System Administrator is ultimately responsible for your overall PCI compliance.
    • Backups: Customers are responsible for backing up data in Ubersmith, including the instance database, any appliance databases, and any appliance RRD files. We also highly recommend that you back up any custom development work done with Ubersmith, including custom code, modules, or plug-ins.

We provide the following guidelines in order to help define roles and responsibilities related to a successful Ubersmith implementation. As always, please contact us if you have any questions.