SMBs, including startups, are leveraging subscription business models and application suites to establish and grow recurring revenue. Ubersmith’s specialization and expertise for developing a business software management solution has helped numerous SMB organizations streamline business operations since our founding.

Ubersmith’s offering can be used by organizations with as few as one or two employees and can scale to reach past the SMB scale as needed as your company becomes more and more successful in the future. Key to our ability to serve SMBs is our product’s ease of use and integration level across billing, customer management, ticketing and other areas.

Also important for SMBs is our pay-as-you-go pricing model starting as low as $250/month depending on usage and our included professional support in every subscription to ensure your investment is maximized.

For those SMBs that want to extend our offering over time, Ubersmith’s plugin framework and API allow your developers and partners to leverage the power of Ubersmith in unique ways to serve your customers better, boost employee productivity or gain additional competitive advantage in the market(s) you serve.

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