Version 3.0.3

Enhancements: Improve consistency in support.ticket_list, support.ticket_get and support.ticket_post_list API calls Support linking account credits to invoice line items Improve functionality and documentation of API call client.count Switch Information Juniper (generic with vlans) Add API command to retrieve device monitor logs Create global function to completely...

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Version 3.0.2

Enhancements: Added support for credit notes. Add tax support to quotes contact_list API function can now take an individual email address as a parameter. Add client tags 'Referred by' field added to advanced search parameter list. Brand specific invoice note can now include variables. Added...

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Version 3.0

Enhancements: Quote/Contract generation and online acceptance. Notification when device returns to 'Up' status from 'Warning' or 'Down' Control Panel Integration Overhaul Ticket timer feature greatly expanded. Ticket Merge popup now suggests likely candidates based on the current ticket's subject and author. Manage ticket timers link...

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