Introducing Ubersmith 4.3

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of a new version of Ubersmith with our release of 4.3. The new version offers a range of new features and enhancements, better performance via PHP 7 and more.

The anchor feature for this release is a new turnkey hyperscale billing capability for Ubersmith around Amazon Web Services. This new billing feature works with over 100 compute, storage, database, network connectivity and other services in as many as 19 different zones globally. Our customers can add a positive or negative markup, if any, and automatically bill and receive payment for the affected services.

Cloud service providers, managed service providers (MSPs), enterprise IT departments and other types of organizations will be most interested in our AWS billing solution.

Ubersmith now provides turnkey, automated usage-based billing for both AWS and OnApp-based clouds plus bandwidth, virtualization, power, backup and support. This strengthens our position as a leading turnkey cloud billing platform that can additionally enable billing for pretty much any other type of product, service or business model.

This new integration is made possible by our plugin system and takes full advantage of its features. Our plugin system was introduced with our 4.2 release earlier in the year.

Beyond AWS, Ubersmith’s Client Manager now offers usage plan update propagation, client relationship reassignments, better domain renewals and invoice run failure notification. Our plug-in system has also added a few enhancements for developers.

Usability improvements include alphabetical sorting of the service plans list, better visibility on internal invoicing processes (notification when invoice cron runs too long) and improved handling of client relationships when deactivating an admin user.

Our customers are encouraged to upgrade to this new version before January 2019 due to an important PHP end of life issue that we have addressed in this release.

We hope that you are excited to use 4.3 and that it provides additional value to your customers, your employees and your business in general.

Join us for a live demo webinar for 4.3 on Tuesday, December 4 at 1pm Eastern Time:

See our changelog at for a detailed list of all changes, including all bug fixes.

Read the official press release for 4.3 at

Kurt & Dom
CEO & CTO, Ubersmith

Dominique Archambault
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