Kurt Daniel


Kurt has led the company since 2014. Previously, he helped build and scale three startups (Parallels, Worklight and MongoDB) into companies worth $10 billion. Earlier, Kurt was a Lead Product Manager at Microsoft. He is an independent director, a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners, a mentor of startup founders at Antler Global and an active blogger and speaker. Kurt has a bachelor of economics from UVA and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Dominique Archambault


Dom joined Ubersmith to lead engineering, product vision, and strategy. Before this, he led a number of agile engineering teams at iWeb. From his earliest programming adventures attempting to write BBS software and door games to his more recent hosting and cloud related development projects, Dom thrives when modeling problems and figuring out dataflow in client/server land.

JP Nacier

VP of Engineering

JP joined as an engineer in 2012 with more than 15 years of web application development experience. Educated with a BS in Economics and Computer Science from Boston University, he rose to positions of engineering leadership with successful venture-backed internet companies. Technical specialties include billing system design, API development and agile software development. A startup junkie at heart, JP loves the challenge of bringing a new product to life.

Boo Van Alstyne

VP of Products & Services

Boo is one of the original authors of Ubersmith’s software which he began working on while completing his computer science degree at RPI. Boo leads product management, documentation, support, and other services for the company. All told, he has 23 years of experience including 18 at Ubersmith. Boo prides himself on being able to answer questions and solve problems for client, making sure Ubersmith is working for them.

Christy Joo

Director of Marketing

Christy leads overall marketing for Ubersmith. She comes to us from Digital Realty, a leading data center services company. Born and raised in California, Christy’s passion is increasing brand awareness and elevating sales by conceptualizing and executing innovative marketing strategies and activities. Not only is she a pro when it comes to creating successful marketing campaigns, but she can also advise a team on where to find the best tacos in town.

Akash Krishnani

VP of Sales & Partnerships

Akash joins Ubersmith with over 10 years of experience in sales, sales management and business development. Prior to joining Ubersmith as the Director of Sales, he ran his own business and has led sales teams in the United States, the Middle East and Asia. Akash spends his leisure time either relaxing with his family, flying all over the world, reading nonfiction, or watching football.

Rob Kuczynski

Director of Support

Rob joined Ubersmith from a diverse background, covering everything from the world of classic rock radio to the sport of polo. Most recently, Rob managed client relations at MeetMax, providing conference software as a service to the world’s leading financial institutions. As the Director of Support, Rob looks forward to helping customers maximize Ubersmith’s capabilities.

Michael Styne

Director of DevOps

Earning his stripes on a Texas Instruments TI-99 / 4A at the tender age of 5, computing has been in Mike’s blood from the very start. Proudly state-educated with a BS in Computer Science, “mstyne“ joined Team Ubersmith in 2003. Exploring new technology and simplifying complex tasks are what keep him coming back for more everyday. He is an amateur radio operator and a member of ARRL and AMSAT.

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