Changelog 4.5.0

Important Notice Please note that the following API methods, introduced in 4.0 and deprecated in 4.1.2, have now been removed: client.service_price_add client.service_price_update client.service_price_list client.service_price_get client.service_price_delete If you are currently using one of those API methods, you will now have to use the client.service_price_set and client.service_price_changes_list API methods. Enhancements General Client Manager ...

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Changelog 4.4.2

Enhancements General Added a configurable option to allow password caching for LDAP and Active Directory authentication modules Improved performance of the Global Event Log report and restricted default view to last 3 months of log entries Plugins & API Added a configurable timeout value when fetching usage...

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Changelog 4.4.0

Enhancements General Improved security by requesting re-authentication on email address change Updated the default values for a brand's email configuration to use SMTP Client Manager Added integration to QuickBooks Online Added the ability to limit the number of charge retry attempts Added support for OnApp 6 as...

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Version 4.3.5

Enhancements Plugins & API Added support for custom field filters to support.ticket_count API method, and added some parameters to improve consistency with support.ticket_list Bugfixes General Using _automated as one of the keys in a request's querystring will no longer bypass anti-CSFR checks Client Manager Improved displaying errors that occurred...

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