Voxtell Case Study

“Ubersmith has enhanced the customer experience – from generating the initial sales quote to signing an order form to provisioning services. It is a very smooth process because every member of the voxtell team has access to the customer data they need right away – without having to wait or switch between systems.”




Ubersmith’s sales quoting and order form process allowed employees to quickly provision services with minimal customer wait time


The one-stop-shop aspect of the product allowed employees to have access to all customer data in one, easy-to-use interface


Ubersmith’s mature, robust platform, along with the documentation and API, provided more flexible integration options


Ubersmith’s tight integration with SureTax provided more flexibility and increased accuracy in accounting records




Orlando, FL


Customer data management and system integration


Voxtell uses the latest telecommunications technology and cutting-edge features to transform communication for small and mid-sized businesses. The company’s cloud-based phone solution is easy to set up, reliable, and integrates seamlessly with other systems.

Their system is built to be intuitive and fully scalable, allowing customers to get started right away and expand their system as their business grows. There is no hardware to maintain – everything is in the cloud, so updates and new features appear automatically.


As a growing telco, voxtell was dealing with vast amounts of customer data. They needed a secure platform that could allow them to consolidate all their data and was easy to integrate with other systems they used throughout the company. They were using multiple products to manage customers, billing, sales, and contracts, and it was a cumbersome process for employees to move from system to system ensuring that all data was correct. Voxtell had tried developing their own integrated platform but found that it was difficult and took up a lot of development resources – not to mention it was a large investment for the company.


After months of research, the company decided that Ubersmith was the most comprehensive solution in the market that could meet their immediate needs. The main selling point of the product was that it provided a one-stop-shop system that incorporated customer management, sales, and billing. In addition, voxtell wanted to take advantage of a platform that was mature and was specifically developed for business management and billing.

Also, the product could easily be integrated with other solutions that were being used company wide. Ubersmith’s tight integration with SureTax was also key since it provided the company with accurate tax information, refunds, and credits plus support for tax rates based on country codes.


Ubersmith provided voxtell with a solution that empowered employees to take charge of the customer lifecycle at all stages. The company needed to deploy the product immediately since it would be a core component behind all of their customer data. The Ubersmith support and sales teams were able to help get voxtell up and running quickly and employees were able to start using the product from day one.

Everything related to a customer was finally located in one solution, and employees no longer had to switch between systems. This unification of customer data and integrations saved employees’ time and increased efficiency. The sales order process was also enhanced with the introduction of Ubersmith. Customers could quickly respond electronically to sales quotes, with orders immediately placed into the system. This has enabled the operations teams to provision services right away, providing a seamless customer experience.


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