4 Data Center Pain Points the Right Billing Solution Can Address

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are simultaneously the most groundbreaking and most vulnerable businesses around. They are lean and agile, existing on the cutting edge of innovation, but they are also adversely impacted by things like cash flow and project management, something that large corporations...

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Billing for SaaS Companies

“SaaS has not killed the software market but is growing rapidly and pressuring legacy providers to include SaaS options or risk losing market traction. Subscriptions provide better entry-level pricing and the ability to add features as customers mature and gain value from the initial experience....

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Custom Billing: One Size Does Not Fit All

Subscription-based and usage-based services are becoming the norm, and organizations across different industries need to invest in the right customizable systems for billing, support, and customer management to make sure they’re not left behind....

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Moving Telco Billing into the Future

The exponential growth of media streaming, use of VoIP to replace extensive fixed lines, and disruptive network technologies such as 5G and LTE has been a game changer for Telcos. Broadband, content, and wireless services are converging, and the big tech players - FAANG and,...

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Introducing Ubersmith 4.3

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of a new version of Ubersmith with our release of 4.3. The new version offers a range of new features and enhancements, better performance via PHP 7 and more. The anchor feature for this release is a...

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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Billing

A robust billing platform is critical for any organization that offers subscription-based services. Yet, they can be expensive to own and operate, and often lack the capacity to support the organization as it grows. Cloud-based billing platforms are a relatively new alternative but have a...

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Welcoming Lauren Olahi

Our company has had valued customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and beyond for a long time now. While we added a support engineer in Asia a few years ago to better support these customers and a UK-based design resource a while back also,...

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