Author:Christy Joo

Version 4.2.4

BugfixesGeneralFixed a bug which could cause an SQL error while upgrading from a 3.x version to a 4.x version API Fixed a bug which could cause the client.service_update method to re-apply previously removed discounts in some circumstances ...

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Version 4.3.0

IMPORTANT: If you're been using Ubersmith prior to 2012 and have custom service modules or use our switch management, control panel or power management service modules, please contact prior to upgrading.EnhancementsGeneralUpdated PHP to 7.1 Added options to Settings -> Billing allowing a notification...

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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Billing

A robust billing platform is critical for any organization that offers subscription-based services. Yet, they can be expensive to own and operate, and often lack the capacity to support the organization as it grows. Cloud-based billing platforms are a relatively new alternative but have a...

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