Version 4.0.1

Please note that the v1 API has been deprecated. The 4.0.x releases will maintain support for it, but it will be entirely removed from the 4.1 release.
If you are using the v1 API, it is highly recommended that you start transitioning to the v2 API...

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Version 3.5.4

Client Manager

  • Static Due Date field is now a dropdown, offering values ranging from 1 to 28, plus a special value "Last day of the month". For backwards compatibility, anytime a Static Due Date greater than the number of days in the current month is detected,...

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Version 4.0


  • Redesigned entire user interface including icons, look and feel, navigational restructuring, and reorganization of admin settings.
  • Overhauled graph system to be interactive and responsive, with drill-down capabilities and modern design

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New Ubersmith Software Delivers Powerful Business Management Capabilities for Data Centers and Cloud Service Providers

Version 4.0 includes new features for integrated subscription billing, services pricing, infrastructure management and help desk ticketing, along with an upgraded user interface Ubersmith announces version 4.0 of its integrated billing, infrastructure management and help desk software software for data centers and cloud-related service providers...

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Announcing Ubersmith 4.0!

We are very proud to announce the release of Ubersmith 4.0! This release is entirely customer-driven and includes enhancements to all sections of Ubersmith, so your finance, operations, sales, and support teams can communicate more efficiently with each other to better serve your customers. Read...

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