Brief Introductions

Intro to Ubersmith: Client Manager

This video gives a brief overview of Ubersmith’s Client Manager, including the dashboard, client profile, services, and billing/invoicing tools.

Intro to Ubersmith: Device Manager

This video gives a brief overview of the Device Manage’s features, including the dashboard, device pages, device modules, monitoring/alerts, and IP address management.

Intro to Ubersmith: Support Manager

This video gives a brief overview of Ubersmith’s email-based Support Manager, including departments, ticketing, time tracking, and integrations with client profiles, orders, devices, and services.


Monthly Invoicing

This Ubersmith tutorial shows you how to set up monthly invoicing including configuration of invoice send date, due date, charge date, and additional options.

Daily Invoicing

This tutorial goes over how to configure Ubersmith to generate daily invoices based on renewal dates of individual services.

Manual invoicing

This tutorial goes over how to manually generate and customize an invoice in Ubersmith, including line items and payment processing.

Bandwidth Billing

This Ubersmith tutorial teaches you how to set up bandwidth billing, from configuring your networking hardware to associating your client’s device with a port and service. Learn more about bandwidth billing with our kbase article:

Introduction to Monitoring

This tutorial goes over device monitoring in Ubersmith so you and your staff can be notified of possible problems before they affect your business. We go over configuration of ready-made and custom scripts, including ones for TCP, ICMP (ping), DNS, SSL, or monitors based on device module data.

Ubersmith Integrations


This tutorial goes over Ubersmith’s integration with OnApp, including how to configure automatic billing and how to provision accounts through Ubersmith’s Order Manager.