Our software is ideal for companies offering cloud services, SaaS / software, hosting, colocation, managed services and related products but also provides significant value for any type of organization, including SMBs and enterprises, for billing, device management, support ticketing or other capabilities.

The Ubersmith suite consists of a series of managers for administrative users as well as a client portal for your customers and a flexible API for developers. Our product can be used out-of-the-box or can be customized with our extensibility framework.

Client Manager

Ubersmith’s Client Manager offers complete billing and customer lifecycle control including:

  • Unified customer view
  • Recurring invoice and payment automation
  • Configurable and customizable product catalogs
  • Automated suspensions and cancellations
  • Integrations with industry-leading payment partners
  • Quoting and electronic signature
  • Multiple brand support
  • PA-DSS Certification for full PCI compliance

Advanced Billing Features

  • Automated bandwidth billing
    • Tiered rate billing
    • Port-based monitoring
    • Total or 95th percentile billing (inbound and outbound)
  • Support time billing
    • Per ticket, time increment, post and by support level
  • Backup billing with R1Soft
  • Cloud Billing
    • VMware vChargeback, OnApp and CloudStack
  • Power circuit billing
    • Usage, hourly, or seasonal
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Integrations with over 50 other services

Support Manager

Ubersmith’s Support Manager seamlessly integrates with our Client Manager and Device Manager to give your operations, support and account teams a single customer view. Our email-based help desk ticketing system features:

  • Automated ticket escalation and resolution
  • Ticket timers, subscriptions and notifications
  • Ticket association with client, service or device
  • Department and workflow management tools
  • Configurable admin user permissions
  • Detailed ticket event logs
  • Support time metrics

Device Manager

Our Device Manager provides a facilities-based, top-down view of your resources, allowing for location-based inventory tracking, organization of your monitors and custom device data, and customer and service associations. Our Device Manager offers:

  • Device-client association and device hierarchy
  • Virtualization and cloud support
  • Intelligent monitoring and alerts
  • Server metrics, bandwidth and power graphing
  • Facilities manager with rack view and connections manager
  • IP Address Management including RWhois Server
  • Remote reboot controls

Special device module framework features

  • VM creation and resource management through Virtuozzo and SolusVM
  • VM Bandwidth monitoring through Virtuozzo and Xenserver
  • VM Remote reboot through Virtuozzo, SolusVM and Xenserver
  • Service status monitoring for MySQL, Nginx, Memcached, Varnish and Lighttpd

Client Portal

Our Client Portal provides complete account management for your clients with:

  • Online payment for invoices and service details
  • Support ticket submission and response
  • Device monitors and reports
  • Multiple contacts per client account with customizable permissions
  • Real-time bandwidth usage and overage charts
  • Full account history
  • Remote reboot controls


Ubersmith’s framework is built for extensibility and integration so you can focus on building your business instead of reinventing the wheel. Our robust API allows your developers to leverage the power of Ubersmith throughout your business, and we support both in-house and third-party integrations.

  • Fully-documented RESTful API
  • Customizable, modular extensions for clients, orders, services and devices

Additional features

Our Order Manager offers customizable workflow tools for managing all steps of order queues.

Our Sales Manager provides sales leads and opportunity tracking, with automatic lead to client conversion.

Global Reports and Statistics give insight into all aspects of your business including taxes, support staff statistics, networking data and sales pipelines.


Ubersmith offers 24 x 7 x 365 support services (included in your monthly subscription), training services for developers and administrators, co-development services for extending Ubersmith’s platform and consulting services for all phases of setup and implementation. Emergency technical response is also provided to all clients.

How to Buy Ubersmith

Ubersmith can be purchased by calling 1-877-438-8237 or emailing

Our product is licensed on a monthly subscription basis that conveniently grows with you as your business grows over time. It is based on how many users, devices and clients you have with standard volume discounts. The subscription includes access to the software and standard email / phone support. Any license for Ubersmith version 3.0 and higher includes all future updates and upgrades for no additional fee.

Pricing starts at $499 per month and goes up from there based on usage. To ensure a successful implementation, there is a standard installation and onboarding fee equal to one month of your subscription level. Ubersmith is pleased to offer special pricing to qualified startups and small companies starting at $249 per month.

In addition, Ubersmith offers training, consulting and co-development services as well as a premium support subscription for those organizations interested in receiving priority support.