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 API Login and Password

The majority of the API (application programming interface) scripts in Ubersmith require validation in order to make sure that the information they are receiving is from a legitimate source. This validation is checked by using two variables that should be passed to each API script along with whatever specific data is being used.

The two variables are as follows:


This is the login name for a user who has been given API access.


This is the password of the user specified by api_login.

api_login must be a legitimate user that has been added to the system via the user management page in the setup & admin section. To give a particular user API access, simply check the box labeled 'API access' on the add/edit user popup window.

Note: It is a good idea to create a kind of 'dummy' user who has access to the API but not to any other part of the system. That way if someone were to get a hold of the API user's login and password, they would not be able to get access to the more sensitive data by logging into Ubersmith.

Until it is made available here, documentation for the legacy API can be found here.


Documentation coming soon!

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