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 Control Panel Integration Basics
There are a couple steps necessary to implement control panel support in Ubersmith. First, you'll need to add your control panel hosts (the ones you will be provisioning accounts on) to Ubersmith. We have some documentation on this elsewhere in the knowledge base.

Service Plan Configuration

Once you have added your control panel hosts to your Ubersmith instance, you can tie them to individual service plans, using the 'Service Plans' link in 'setup & admin'. Click the 'details' link for the service plan you would like to tie to your cPanel host. In the lower right hand corner, you'll see a box labeled 'Control Panel Integration'. If you edit this section, you can specify the control panel host to tie the service plan to, as well as what allowances should be made for clients that purchase that service plan (disk space, bandwidth, etc.). Saving your work here will create a plan on the cPanel host that will be used for future account creation.

Control Panel Host Control

You may also want to add the control panel host control module to the service. This will allow for auto suspension/unsuspension of the account on the cPanel host if the account falls into arrears. This is configured one box below the 'Control Panel Integration' box, and is labeled 'Service Modules'. The module you want to add is called 'cPanel/WHM host control', although that  name will likely change in the future as we support more control panel software. Note that this only handles suspension. If an account is canceled, Ubersmith takes no action -- due to the fact that the analogous action of 'cancellation' on the cPanel host is to delete the customer's account on the server. Since such a feature is potentially dangerous, it is not automated. The system will not delete accounts automatically.

Creating Accounts

Finally, account creation can either be performed from within the Client Manager itself (if you add a service of the appropriate type to a client) or by using the 'Provision cPanel Account' order module. The order module works like any other in the system, but it's only useful to you if you're taking advantage of Ubersmith's Order Manager and Order Queues system.

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