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 Forwarding email from additional addresses into Ubersmith
By default, the Ubersmith setup wizard will have you create a single email alias on your Ubersmith host for directing mail into the Support Manager. Typically, it is something along the lines of:

This address is defined in the '
/etc/aliases' file on your Ubersmith host. If you have other addresses you would like to use, and have mail sent to those addresses submitted into Ubersmith, you can forward them to this address. For example, if you created an address

that forwarded to

you could have sales related email entered into the system as well. In a similar fashion, if you preferred to shorten your support email address, you could create an address

that forwards to

Further to this, you can filter mail from these addresses into specific departments in the Support Manager. For example, if you had a 'Sales' department in the Support Manager, you can have email sent to

automatically filtered into your 'Sales' department. This can be accomplished by configuring the 'Reply Address' for for your 'Sales' department to ''. You can find this configuration option in the 'Manage Departments' section of 'setup & admin'. Once configured, any mail sent to your '' address will go into the 'Sales' department.

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