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 Configuring email 'piping' within cPanel
When running Ubersmith in a cPanel environment, a few extra actions will need to be taken in order to forward emails into the Support Manager (through Ubersmith's gateway.php' script). Once a domain or subdomain for your instance has been set up, and Ubersmith has been installed, you will need to create a forwarder via the cPanel interface.

1.) Navigate to the main cPanel configuration page, and click the "Forwarders" link.

cpanel piping 1

2.) Once there, click the "Add Forwarder" button under the "Email Account Forwarders" section.

3.) This page is where the mail-forwarding magic happens. You will need to ensure that the three following sections are filled out properly in order for your forwarder to work:

A. Add "support" (without quotes) to this field.
B. Select the domain or subdomain at which your instance resides.
C. Click "Advanced options, and select "Pipe to a Program." Then, add the following line:

/path/to/ubersmith/cron/gateway.php 1

Naturally, you will need to replace '/path/to/ubersmith' with the full path to your Ubersmith install, and '' with the name of your Ubersmith instance.

Here is an example of how a this field should look:

public_html/cron/gateway.php 1

4.) Once this is completed, click the "Add Forwarder" button at the bottom of the page.

5.) Next, SSH into your instance environment, and add the following string to the very first line of gateway.php:

#!/path/to/php -q

Take note that PHP is normally located at '/usr/local/bin/php'. It may be necessary to change the permissions on gateway.php so that it can be run by cPanel. As such, issue the following command while logged into your instance machine via SSH, and in the directory in which the file in question exists:

chmod +x gateway.php

6.) Lastly,?verify that the forwarder works by sending an email to If you need to foward additional email addresses into your Ubersmith instance, please see?this document.

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