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The order manger is the section of Ubersmith that deals with the processing of new client and service sign ups.  New orders enter the system files under a particular order queue either through a built in form or via the API.  Companies using Ubersmith usually have a number of products lines, each having a different process in which they are verified, provisioned, and released. Generally speaking, you will setup an order queue for each product line you carry, having a unique setup process and integrations.  

For example, if your company offers virtual hosting services as well as dedicated servers, you would likely have separate order queues for each of them as the process of fulfilling a dedicated server order is far different from that of a virtual hosting account.  Each order queue is made up of the different actions that take place as an order is fulfilled from initial fraud checks, to account/server provisioning to setting up the new account in Ubersmith to be billed.  This section will take you through the ins and outs of managing your order queues and the sign up forms that clients use to submit new orders.

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