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 Emailing Your Client Base

To email your client base, click the 'Email Client Base' link in the Client Manager dashboard. The resulting 'Email Client Base' popup will have the following configuration options to choose from:

All Clients
Email every Client in your database.

With a Balance
Allows you to send email out to clients with a balance equal to, greater than, or less than a specified amount.

With Invoices _____ Days Overdue
Allows you to send email to clients with invoices overdue for the specified number of days.

With ____ Services
Allows you to email clients based on the number of services they have.

With the Service Plan ____
Allows you to send out email to clients with a specific service plan.

Mailing List
Allows you send out email to clients on a specific mailing list. See the article 'Configuring Mailing Lists' for more information about mailing lists in Ubersmith.

Once you have selected the group which you would like to send emails to, click the 'Compose Email' button. The resulting popup will allow you to enter the message you would like to send to the selected clients. Clicking 'Send' will start the mass email process. 'Send & New' will send the current message and allow you to compose another. 'Back' will allow you to review / modify the clients being emailed. 'Cancel' will discard your work, and no clients will be emailed.

The 'View Status' button will allow you to view the progress of messages previously sent to your client base, as well as those currently in progress.

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