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 Adding Control Panel Hosts to Ubersmith
Solution To add a control panel host for use by Ubersmith, click on the 'Manage Control Panels' link in the 'Global Settings' section of 'setup & admin'. To add a new host, click the 'Add New Control Panel Host' link. This will open a popup, which will require you to add some information.

Server Name

This is a name you will use to reference the host within Ubersmith. Usually a short name, or perhaps the first part of the hostname will be enough.

Server Type

Currently, Ubersmith only supports the cPanel/WHM control panel software. This is the only type you can currently select.

Server Address

This is the IP address or hostname for the server. Do not include 'http://' or other protocols preceding the IP address or hostname.


Specify how long Ubersmith should wait for a response from the control panel host. If your control panel host is particulary busy, or is at a remote facility, increasing this timeout may be necessary.

cPanel / WHM


Check this box if you would only hold a reseller account on the server, and are not the owner of the host.


This is the username you plan to use to connect to the cPanel/WHM API. The username is typically root .

Remote Access Key

The Remove Access Key is generated within the WHM interface. Paste the complete key into this text area. The key allows Ubersmith to communicate with your cPanel host.

Once this information has been added, you can click 'Save' to add the new host, or 'Save and New' to add another. If you wish to discard the information, you can click 'Close'.

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