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 Upgrading Ubersmith
Note: Before upgrading Ubersmith, make a full backup of your Ubersmith database!

Upgrading Ubersmith is a fairly simple process. When you download the latest version of Ubersmith from

you will have a selection of three different file formats. One file is zip compressed, one is a tar / gzip bundle, and one is a tar / bzip2 bundle. Depending on your selection, the method for extracting the files will differ.

For the .zip file:


For the .tar.gz file:

tar zxvf ubersmith-x.x.x.tar.gz

For the .tar.bz2 file:

tar jxvf ubersmith-x.x.x.tar.bz2

No matter which file you choose to download, the appropriate operation above will result in a directory structure that looks like the following:

$ ls -1

The files that are important to you are located in the www directory. Since you already have a functional Ubersmith install, everything else can be discarded.

Basic Upgrade

You can safely remove all your Ubersmith files (except token.xml.php and config.ini.php) and replace them with the contents of the www directory. The next time you go to your Ubersmith instance in a web browser, you will be guided through setup.

Advanced Upgrade

Using symbolic links can provide a quick means of reverting to your previous version if you are not able to successfully complete the upgrade quickly. For example, let's say you're running an older version of Ubersmith, Ubersmith 5.3.0. For the purposes of this description, we'll assume that all your Ubersmith files are located in a directory called www. In other words, www is your web root for your Ubersmith install.

$ ls -1

What you could do, is move your www directory to a directory named ubersmith-5.3.0

$ mv www ubersmith-5.3.0

and copy the www directory from the new version of ubersmith you just downloaded to ubersmith-x.x.x.

cp -a ubersmith-x.x.x/www /path/to/ubersmith/ubersmith-x.x.x

Where /path/to/ubersmith/ is wherever your Ubersmith installation resides. You'd then have something like:

$ ls -1


You could then set up what's known as a symbolic link between www and the new Ubersmith directory.

$ ln -s ubersmith-x.x.x www

This preserves your old installation files, so if you need to revert quickly, you can simply do:

$ rm www; ln -s ubersmith-5.3.0 www

or likewise, the next time you need to upgrade, just change the symbolic link again:

$ rm www; ln -s ubersmith-y.y.y www

PHP Modules

Please note that Ubersmith 5.6.1 / Ubersmith DE 1.6.1 requires three PHP modules to be present before the upgrade process will begin correctly. They are:


Attempting to begin the upgrade process without these modules in place will cause the upgrade wizard to fail.

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