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CloudStack Billing

Ubersmith's CloudStack Billing Service Module allows you to have Ubersmith bill for CloudStack usage. In the Service Plans section of 'setup & admin', choose the service plan you will be using to bill CloudStack usage. At the bottom of the service plan page, in the 'Service Modules' section, add the 'CloudStack Billing' module. 

This is where you configure the details for your CloudStack installation, as well as the individual prices for the resources. Enter your pricing, and click 'Save'.
For the service plan, make sure the 'Post-Renew' option under 'Pricing & Period Defaults' is set to 'Yes'. 

When you add the CloudStack Billing Service Module, Ubersmith will create a Custom Data field for clients called 'CloudStack Account ID'. If you want to associate an Ubersmith client with an existing CloudStack client, update the Custom Client Data Field with their CloudStack Account ID.

Now, when you add a service to the client that has the CloudStack Billing module enabled, it will automatically pull the billing and usage data for that client. 

You can also click the 'View Details' link to see more details for the client's usage.

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