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 Adding a New Client
There are two locations within Ubersmith where you can add a new client:
  • On the Client Manager dashboard under the 'I Want To...' click the 'Add New Client' link.
  • Under the 'Active Clients' section, click the 'Add New Client' link on the orange action bar.

Contact Info

This tab hosts textboxes for some basic client information such as name and address

First Name
The client's first name.

Last Name
The client's last or family name.

The client's associated company. In the event a First and Last name are not provided, the Company name will be used as an identifier for the client.

The client's street address.

The city in which the client resides.

State / Province
For the U.S. and Canada, this will be a dropdown menu containing U.S. States and Canadian Provinces; for all other countries, this will be a free text entry field.

The client's ZIP or postal code.

The client's country or territory.

The client's telephone number.

The client's fax number.

The client's primary email address. This address will be used for all correspondence within the system, unless additional authorized contacts are present. In that case, the authorized contacts may recieve messages from the system as well.

Specifies the preferred language that the client will use when they login to the Client Interface.


This pull down menu allows you to select which brand the client should be listed under. If your instance is not configured with more than one brand this field will be hidden automatically.

Invoice Send Date:
This section allows you to set a date upon which a monthly invoice will be sent out.

Invoice Due Dates Determined By:

Grace Period
Allows you to effectively set a period of days during which an invoice can be paid (while the invoice-sent date may change on a monthly basis, the grace period will not).

Static Due Date
Allows you to set the day on which payment is due each month.

Invoice Charge Date
This radio button group allows you to define when Ubersmith should schedule automatic credit card charges when the client is invoiced. Selecting 'Immediately' will tell the system to charge the card as the invoice is generated so that the client knows right away of the bill has been paid. The other two options will schedule the charge to take place some date after the invoice is generated.

Late Fee Schedule
This pull down menu allows you to select a schedule for late fees to be assessed against the client in the event that they do not pay their invoices on time. Late fee schedules can be defined through Setup & Admin.

Retry Failed CC Charges Every:
Allows you to set the interval (in days) at which a failed credit card transaction will be retried.

Default Discount Level:
The default discount level will automatically apply a discount to any new services added to the client. This is typically used for reseller discounts and preferred referrals. The discount level of any service can be changed before and/or after a service is entered into the system.

Referred By:
If the client was referred by another client or company, you can make a note of this referral here.


This pull down menu allows you to select whether the account being created should be a fully active client in the Client Manager or a lead in the Sales Manager.

Account Info

Referred By:

If the client was referred by another client or company, you can make a note of this referral here.

Account Manager:
This pull down menu allows you to select an admin user to be the client or lead's account manager. Once set, any tickets received from authorized contacts of the new client/lead will be automatically assigned to the account manager.


This pull down menu allows you to select an admin user to be listed as the client or lead's primary salesperson.

Default Ticket Priority:
This pull down menu allows you to define a default priority level for all new tickets received by authorized contact of the client or lead being created.

Custom Fields
You can define fields to collect custom information on any client. Values for these custom fields will be set on this tab.

Note: To create and edit custom fields, refer to Custom Client Data Fields in the Setup & Admin section.

To create the new client, click 'Save'. To create another client without closing the dialog box, click 'Save & New'. To discard your work without creating the client, click 'Cancel'.

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