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 Adding a New Device
In the Device Manager dashboard, click the "Add a New Device" link on the orange bar. The resulting popup window will have a configuration options for the new device as follows:

Device Info

Device Description
This allows you to provide a description of your device.

Parent Device
Defines a parent device for this device. For example, a server may have a switch or router as its parent device.

Allows you to categorize your device using the device types and categories that you set up in the Device Types section of the Setup & Admin section.

Allows you to set the facility which your device resides in. Facilities, Zones, Rows, Racks are defined in the Locations section of the Setup & Admin section.

Zone & Cage
Specify the Zone and Cage within the Facility that the device resides in.

Row & Rack 
Specify the Row and Rack within the Zone and Cage the device resides in.

Rack Position
Denotes the exact location ('U') of your device on a given server rack.

A physical label on the machine itself; most clients use the device hostname for the label.

Ownership Info

This tab will allow you to associate your device with an appropriate owner. See the knowledge base article 'Associating a Device with a Client and Service' for more information. 

Configurable Fields

This tab allows you to define the values for the custom fields configured by the system admin in the "Custom Device Data Fields" section of the Setup & Admin section. These fields may be referred to as 'device metadata' by Ubersmith staff and elsewhere in the documentation.


This tab allows you to store in any additional information that is pertinent to this device.

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