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 Using Ubersmith's InnoDB conversion script
As of Ubersmith 2.2, InnoDB is the MySQL database engine used by Ubersmith. While running through the normal Ubersmith upgrade wizard will convert your database from MyISAM to InnoDB format, some users with large databases may wish to use a conversion script we've developed for this purpose. The conversion script will convert the majority of your database tables to InnoDB, without the need for additional downtime. The syntax for the script is as follows:

php setup/preconvert.php --db=databasename --db-user=username --db-pass=password

In most cases, you will need to use the MySQL 'root' user to perform this operation, as the database SUPER privilege is required. Typically, the database name is simply 'ubersmith'. The script will convert as many of your database tables as possible, and running through the Ubersmith upgrade wizard will complete the remainder. Please note: We strongly advise making a backup of your Ubersmith database BEFORE running the conversion script or performing any upgrade.

If you encounter any problems with the conversion script, or have any questions, please contact Ubersmith support.

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