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 Importing Data into Ubersmith
Ubersmith currently supports importing data directly from WHMCS. Ubersmith can import clients, contacts, products, client products, and also performs a transfer of current balances due. To import from WHMCS, go to the Import link in 'setup & admin'. Choose a brand (or create a new brand) to import the data into, and provide the URL for your WHMCS site, as well as the details for an administrator account with API access.

Click "Check Configuration" to have Ubersmith attempt to communicate with your WHMCS installation. If successful, Ubersmith will be ready to start your import. Click 'Begin Import' to begin the import process. Ubersmith will display progress bars to indicate how the import is progressing. If you encounter any problems with the import process, please contact Ubersmith support for assistance. Once the import is complete, you will be able to start using Ubersmith!

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