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 The Edit Service Order Module
The Edit Service Order module allows the order manager to update the details of preexisting services in a client's account without creating new items. The edit services module can be added to any order queue like a standard order module.  Once processed, the fields set in the order will be set in the specified services.

Just like orders where new services are added, it is necessary to specify in the order info what items are to be changed and to what.  First, the order will need have the client id of the client account that owns the services.  This can be set by adding the 'client_id' field to the order. 

Unlike the usual pack1[] style arrays used in adding new services, the edit services module will look for the 'edit_packs' array.  The edit services module can be used to update one or more services in the client's account.  The edit_packs[] array will first be indexed by a simple numeric key indicating how many services are being edited.  The next level of index will be the variables that are actually being updated in the service.  These field names are the standard set of variables for services.  The supported fields include but are not limited to: desserv, price, period, start, renewdate, options etc. The full list can be found in the edit service API script documentation.

As an example, if client 1001 had a service with id number 412 that was to be updated to renew quarterly for $300 the following variables would be set in the order:


Editing a second service id# 308 in the same order to renew monthly for $50 and to have a service description of 'Development' we would pass the following:


It is not necessary to specify every possible variable in the order.  Only those items that are explicitly set in the order will be updated in the service.  All other fields will be left unchanged.

Once the order is submitted, processing the edit services module will commit the changes to the client's account.  The edit will be done through the standard edit service backend function and will be logged the same way a manual edit would be.

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