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 Adding and Configuring a Monitor
To set up a device module monitor for a particular device, click the 'Monitors' tab for the device. Click 'Add Monitor'.


The IP address which you wish to monitor. To add an IP address to the device go to the View Device page and click on Add IP Assignment in the orange action bar. Alternatively, you can click the 'edit' link and specify any address you would like. Some monitors do not require an IP address to function.

This is one of ICMP, DNS, TCP, or module
  • ICMP indicates a 'ping' or ICMP echo test
  • DNS indicates that a DNS query/resolution test is being monitored
  • TCP indicates that the monitor is using one of the Monitor Scripts. See 'Monitor Scripts' in Setup & Admin for details.
  • module indicates that a Device Module is being used
Only applicable for TCP monitors, this field shows the port being monitored (for example, port 80 for an HTTP monitor, port 25 for an SMTP monitor)

Only applicable for TCP monitors, this field shows the Monitor Script being used.

Max Packet Loss
Only applicable for ICMP (ping) monitors, this is the maximum percentage packet loss that the system can see while still regarding the device as being 'up'. Increasing this value will make the monitor less sensitive to network problems or the rate limiting of diagnostic traffic.

Notify Address
This field contains an email address to notify when the device is not responding. To specify multiple addresses you may separate them with commas.

Notify Delay
This is how long the system will wait after the device first stops responding before sending out an initial notification.

Notify Interval
This is how long the system will wait before sending out successive email notifications, should a device remain down.

Notify Downstream Device Owners
Ubersmith will notify the owners of child devices of this device in the event the monitor fails.

Notify When Monitor Comes Back Up
Select from the drop down to configure the following behavior:
  • Never: Never send a notifications when the monitor returns up from a down or warning state.
  • From Warn: Send a notification when the monitor returns up from a warning state.
  • From Down: Send a¬†notification¬†when then monitor returns up from a down state.
  • From Warn and Down: Send a notification when the monitor returns up from a warning or down state.

This tab provides a free text field which can be used to provide information/instructions to persons responding to a problem with the device.


This tab allows you to configure constraints for device modules or 'one-off' configurations for Monitor Scripts. For example, the bandwidth monitoring device module allows alerts to be sent out based on traffic rates. The environmental monitoring module allows temperature and humidity alerts to be sent out.

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