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 Common Search Issues and Questions

Searches take a long time to complete.

There are two reasons why searches may be taking significant amounts of time to complete within Ubersmith. If you are using Zend Lucene, and have more than 50,000 records in your instance's search index, we advise upgrading to the more robust Apache Solr search server. If you have less than 50,000 records in your instance's index, you may want to consider increasing the memory and processing resources allocated to your Ubersmith instance environment.

New devices / clients / etc. are not coming up in search results.

While new entries are normally added to the indexing queue instantly, it may take up to five minutes for these records to become searchable. If expected results fail to appear after five minutes, it is likely that there is an issue with your search server. The following issues may prevent new clients / devices / etc. from being indexed properly:

  • The cron job for poll.php is not running every five minutes (or at all).
  • The search directory is not writable by the webserver. The search directory should normally be set to 777, and should be writable by the system user that runs your webserver.
  • The memory limit on the instance's host is too low. We recommend that PHP's memory_limit be set to at least 128MB.
  • [cPanel Users] PHP's PCNTL and POSIX extensions are not installed.

I am not seeing any search results at all when I should be.

There are a few syntax-related items that may prevent Ubersmith's search system from returning expected results. Also, partial search strings (such as "greg" for "gregory") must include a trailing asterisk (*). Lastly, you should make sure that your instance's search server is actually indexing results.

I see a 'Cannot connect to SOLR server' error when I try to search.

This normally means one of two things: A) Tomcat (Solr's parent process) is not running or B) Ubersmith cannot connect to Solr on the port specified in the "Search Engine" section of Setup & Admin. Also, if your Solr install is running on a seperate host, you will want to update the "Host" field in "Search Engine" to match the IP of Solr's host.

What do the 'reindex' links do?

As you might expect, the reindex links reindex the related section or entirety of your search system. Generally speaking, we do not advise that your search system be reindexed unless advised by the Ubersmith support team.

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