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 How to configure Device Modules
Device modules expand the capabilities of device entries within Ubersmith. Device modules can display bandwidth graphs, show database statistics, monitor power usage, and several other useful tasks.

To configure new device modules within Ubersmith, go to the 'Device Types' section of 'setup & admin'. When looking at the Device Types section, you will want to click the 'modules' link for the Device Type Group or Device Type that you are interested in configuring the module for. Note that if you configure a Device Module in a Device Type Group, it will be inherited by all the Device Types in that group. This can save you the trouble of configuring the Device Module for every single Device Type.

For example, if you have a Device Type Group 'Servers', you may want to configure the Device Modules 'Bandwidth Monitoring' and 'Reboot Control', as these modules will be commonly used for devices in such a group.

After clicking the 'modules' link for either a Group or Type, you'll see a link to 'add module'. This will open a popup. In the dropdown for the popup, you will see the 'Details' tab, with the following options:


Enable or disable the module, by choosing 'Yes' or 'No'.


Select the device module you wish to add.

Client Access

Some modules (for example, Reboot Control) afford your clients capabilities that allow them to interact with the module. In most cases, the 'View' and 'Edit' permissions actually confer the same privileges. However, with respect to the 'Reboot Control' device mdoule, 'View' will allow your clients to see that the device has a reboot outlet, while 'Edit' will actually allow them to toggle the outlet state to on, off, or reboot. If you're unsure what option to choose, 'No Access' is always a good choice.

Once you've made your choices on the 'Details' tab, click the 'Config' tab. Again, there are configuration options that must be filled out. The 'Config' tab handles the configuration details for your Ubersmith DE appliance, as well as any per-module configuration options. At a minimum, these will be the available fields:


Choose your configured appliance from the dropdown menu. If you have not configured your appliance yet, you can do so from the 'Appliance Configuration' section of 'setup & admin'.

Once you are satisfied with the configuration of the module, click 'Save' to add it to the system. You can now configure devices of the type/group with the module you've selected.

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