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 R1Soft Enterprise Server and Ubersmith
Within Ubersmith DE, the configuration of an R1Soft Enterprise server and its Agents is not terribly dissimilar to configuring a switch and its individual ports. First, in the 'Device Types' section of 'setup & admin', you must configure the 'R1Soft CDP 3.0 Enterprise Server' device module for any devices you plan to represent R1Soft servers.

Once you've created a device representing the R1Soft server, you can configure the device module. The module requires the IP address, username, and password for the R1Soft server.

The R1Soft server is added to Ubersmith, and provides a listing of the agents that it knows about.

Each individual agent known to the R1Soft server is now available to be configured within Ubersmith. You can configure the 'R1Soft CDP 3.0 Agent' device module for your existing 'Server' (or similar) Device Type Group within the 'Device Types' section of 'setup & admin'.

Once the device module is configured, you can then edit the settings for each individual device that has an associated R1Soft agent running on it. When you edit the R1Soft Agent device module settings for a specific device, Ubersmith will present all the R1Soft Enterprise Servers it is aware of. Select the appropriate R1Soft server, and the list of known agents will be displayed. Select the appropriate agent from the drop down menu, and click 'Save'.

Ubersmith will now display the data related to that store, as reported by the R1Soft server. Each disk safe will be presented, as well as the OS and any add-ons configured for the Agent.

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