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 Changing a Ticket's Status
From the Support Manager Page
  • Check the tickets you would like update, using the checkboxes running down the left of the ticket list.
  • Select the appropriate status from the 'Update Selected' menu, using the 'Change To' option from the dropdown box at the center-bottom part of the page.
  • Click the arrow icon to submit the changes.
From the Ticket Response Page
  • Click the "Change to" dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of the page
  • Change the ticket's status. The status of the ticket will automatically update to reflect your change.
Ticket Status Indicators

OpenThe normal operating mode for a ticket representing an open, active support issue.
On HoldUsed to mark a support issue that is not resolved, but is not considered active. If a client responds to a On Hold ticket, it will change to the Open status.
ClosedUse to mark a completed support issue. If a client responds to a closed ticket, it will change to the Open status.
Deleted This ticket is sent to the "Trash Bin". If a client responds to a Deleted ticket, it will change to the Open status.
Note: Deleted tickets can be permanantly removed from the system from the "Manage Departments" section of "setup & admin"

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