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 What are the Ubersmith DE System Requirements?

Ubersmith Datacenter Edition System Requirements

The following hardware and OS recommendations are a requirement for supported instances of Ubersmith Datacenter Edition and are a part of our standard Ubersmith DE terms of service.

Hardware Specifications

Ubersmith DE requires TWO servers for a Datacenter Edition install.

The first server, which hosts Ubersmith's web interface or "front end," is referred to as the instance server.

The minimum hardware specifications of the instance server are as follows:

  • Dedicated host or VPS
  • 2.66GHz Xeon Processor (Dual Core Processor, 4MB Cache)
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • Dual 80GB Hard Disks
  • Hardware RAID1
  • CD-ROM
  • Out of Band Access (Remote Access Card / Serial Console)
  • Gigabit Network Adapter

The second server, referred to as the appliance, is responsible for monitoring and polling all infrastructure devices associated with your Ubersmith DE instance. This machine's work is extremely disk I/O intensive, so we suggest ensuring that the fastest hard drives available are installed on it. Please read on for the appliance's minimum hardware requirements:

  • Dedicated host
  • 2.66GHz Xeon Processor (Dual Core Processor, 4MB Cache)
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • Dual 146GB 15K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI Hard Disks
  • Hardware RAID1
  • CD-ROM
  • Out of Band Access (Remote Access Card / Serial Console)
  • Gigabit Network Adapter

Installation Performed by Ubersmith Support

Ubersmith DE clients who are arranging for Ubersmith to be installed on their servers by our support staff must provide a clean (read: not configured) install of the latest build of either of the following operating systems for the front end and appliance hosts:

  • CentOS 7.x
  • Debian Wheezy (7.0)
No further configuration beyond the base operating system is required.

Installation not Performed by Ubersmith Support

If a member of your system administration team will be handling the installation, Ubersmith has the following software requirements:

Web Server
  • Ubersmith requires the Apache web server.

Apache is used to serve the PHP documents to your web browser. Apache version 2.x is suggested. Ubersmith has been reported to function with other web servers, such as LigHTTPD, however this configuration is not supported by Ubersmith.


  • Ubersmith requires the MySQL database software.

A MySQL database is used to store your customer and device data. MySQL 5.1 is required, (with MySQL 5.5 suggested) as it has additional support for some of the internationalization features present in Ubersmith.


  • PHP is the programming language that Ubersmith is written in. PHP must be available for Ubersmith to function properly.

Fortunately, most operating systems have PHP available in a pre-compiled package that is easy to install. Ubersmith can currently run on PHP 5.3 (Ubersmith v2.4.x) or PHP 5.4 (Ubersmith v3.2.x).

The list of required modules for Ubersmith is as follows:

  • mysql
  • gd
  • xmlrpc
  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • gettext
  • iconv
  • curl
  • pcre
  • pcntl
  • bcmath
  • posix

Support for the Ubersmith DE hardware and host environment remain the responsibility of the client. However, our Ubersmith support team will maintain the Ubersmith installation and perform upgrades as part of the Ubersmith DE service agreement.


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