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 Getting Started with Ubersmith, Part 3: Adding a Service Plan
Service plans are an integral part of the Ubersmith billing process. Each plan represents a service offering that can be billed to a client's account.? When properly configured, they allow your clients to order the services that pertain to their specific needs. Setting up a basic service plan is fairly simple.

Add Service Plan:

Navigate to the Client Manager section of the Setup & Admin Dashboard and click the 'Service Plans' link.

Click the 'Add New Service Plan' link on the upper left side of the page.

In the resulting popup, you will notice a number of fields which allow you to set the basic data for the service.

Service Title

The name of the service as it appears on the Service Plan list in the Client Manager.

Service Category
This category can be used to organize service plans for use with the Ubersmith API.

Service Code
A service code is an abbreviated name (or number) used as an alternative means of identifying a given service plan. Take note that the Service Code will appear on the client's invoice.

Accessible by Order Form
This allows you to set whether the details of the service plan should be included in the output of certain API scripts.

Click the 'Next' button.


On the Pricing page, you will see a number of fields which will allow you to configure your service's pricing plan. Ubersmith allows you to set pricing options for
any available renewal periods.  Additional renewal periods can be configured via setup & admin. Each renewal period can have its own default price and setup fee.

Setup Fee Quantity Sensitive
If this option is checked, the setup fee will be multiplied by the quantity of the service being added to the client's account.  If it is unchecked, only the base setup fee will be charged, regardless of the quantity.

Default Period
This allows you to set a recommended default billing period.

Default Quantity
This allows you to set a default quantity for services being added to this service plan.

Default Billing Type
This field allows you to select the default method Ubersmith will use to determine the total cost of the service to the client.  'By Month' will cause the system to multiply the base price of the service by the number of months in its renewal period.  'By Period' will take the base price as representative of the full cost for the service's renewal period.  For example, a service with a base price of $10 that is billed quarterly would have a total cost of $30 (3mos. x $10) if billed by month.  If billed by period, the price would remain $10 and would renew for that amount every 3 months.

Automatically Charge
This option lets you define whether services added to this plan should be configured to be automatically charged to the client's credit card or bank account upon being invoiced.

Once you have configured each option as you see fit, click the 'Save' button to create the service.  After you have set up your service plan, you will be brought to the plan's page in Setup & Admin. On this page, you should take note of each subsection as well as their various functions.

Applicable Tax Rates
This section allows you to set any taxes that should apply to a given service plan by default.  The applicable tax rates can be overridden for an individual service in a client's account at any time.   

Pricing Period & Defaults
This section allows you to modify any of the billing settings that you determined when you set the service up initially.
Auto-Suspend - Use this option to automatically suspend services which have not been paid for a predetermined  number of days after their invoice due date.
Auto-Cancel - Use this option to automatically cancel services which have not been paid for a a predetermined number of days after their invoice due date.

Upgrade Defaults

This section allows you to specify any "upgrades" that you would like to offer the option of including in a given service plan.  For example, if the main service plan represented a dedicated server, one might add an upgrade group and set of options representing the different hard drives that can be added to it and the different prices that go along with each.

Adding an Upgrade Group:

Click the 'add upgrade group' link in the upper left corner of the Upgrade Defaults box.  The resulting popup will have a number of options designed to help you customize your group.  Groups can be used to organize sets of upgrades into categories.  For example, a dedicated server plan might have a group specific hardware and one for software.

This field allows you to set a name for your upgrade group.

This box simply allows you to add some notes to the service upgrade group.

Once you have configured the fields appropriately, click the save button. The upgrade group will appear in the Upgrade Defaults box.

* To edit or disable the upgrade group, click either the 'edit' or 'deactivate' link.

Adding an Upgrade to a Group:

Click 'Add Upgrade' under the group heading that you would like to add to.  The resulting popup will present you with a number of options to define your upgrade.

This is the name of the upgrade.  This is most commonly used in order forms to identify what the user is specifying. Examples include 'Hard Drive' or 'Operating System'.


This allows you to select which pre-defined group the upgrade should be listed under.  If no custom groups have been added 'ungrouped' will be the only option present.

This allows you to specify what level of access clients will eventually have to be able to upgrade or downgrade their options under this upgrade.  In the current version of Ubersmith this feature is not yet fully built out and clients are not given the option of changing their service options.  This feature will be implemented in a future release.

Hide On Invoice
This option allows you to specify if the selected option should be displayed on the client's invoice or not.  If the cost of the selected option is greater than 0, it will always appear on their invoice.  This is useful if the default option for a particular upgrade is 'none' or 'not applicable'.

This box simply allows you to add some notes to the service upgrade.

Adding an Option to an Upgrade Group:

Click the 'add option' link.  The resulting popup will present you with a number of fields which will allow you configure an upgrade option of your choosing.

This field sets the name of the upgrade option.  The option name will appear in client invoices for any services where the option is selected.

As with the service pricing configuration section, you will see a number of fields designed to let you modify pricing for all of the configured renewal periods.

This field allows you to add notes to the upgrade option.

Once finished configuring the upgrade, press the save button to complete the process.

* To edit or deactivate the upgrade, simply click either the 'edit' or 'deactivate' link.  Clicking the up or down arrow to the left of a given upgrade group or option will move that item up or down in the list.

Service Notes

This section allows you to add notes about a given service plan. Notes are clearly visible on the service's details page and are included in the invoice when the associated service is billed.

Welcome Letter

This section allows you to send out email(s) to clients who sign up for a given service plan.

Configuring a Welcome Letter Template:

Click either the 'edit' link in the top right corner of the Welcome Letter box or the 'View/Edit Welcome Letter' link at the bottom of the same box.  In the resulting popup, you will see a simple email form. 'Send Welcome Letter' allows you to choose if you would like to automatically send email new clients upon their purchase of a service. To make sure that the letter will be sent, simply fill in a from address, subject and message and click the update button.

Welcome letters can be configured to be sent automatically upon a service being created or manually any time after that through the client manager interface.

Control Panel Integration

This option allows you to link a control panel to a given service. Please note that at this time, Ubersmith supports cpanel and interworx control panels.

Custom Data Defaults

Any custom service data fields that you have specified in Setup & Admin will appear here. You can configure the default values for a service plan for any and all fields here.  The values of given fields can easily be overridden when a new service is added or edited.

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