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 Adding Two-Factor Authentication for Users
  Two-factor authentication adds another level of security to your Ubersmith account. It requires a second form of verifica
 Enabling Two-Factor Authentication for Admin Users
 Configuring PayPal Support
  PayPal is a popular merchant services provider. Ubersmith can accept and automatically apply payments received by your PayPal account.
 Configuring Control Panel Host Support
  Control Panel Integration'cPanel is a graphical web-based control panel that helps you quickly and easily manage your website and hosting account.' ~ cpanel.comNote:Control Panel Support h
 Configuring Mailing Lists
  Mailing lists are a convenient way of keeping groups of clients updated on any changes or maintenance that may be going on at your company. They are also a convenient way to target sales re
 Adding a Service Plan
  Service plans are an integral part of the Ubersmith billing process. When properly configured, they allow your clients to order the services that pertain to their specific needs. Setting up a basic
 Configuring your Merchant Account
  Your merchant account is a critical aspect of your Ubersmith setup. Without a merchant account configured, you cannot accept credit card
 Troubleshooting Ubersmith's QuickBooks Integration
  Could not start QuickBooksIf the QuickBooks Web Co
 Intuit QuickBooks Integration Overview
  Note: Ubersmith currently support Quickbooks Pro 2012 and newer, which includes Quickbooks Enterprise versions.Introduction
 Creating Custom Monitor Scripts
 When adding and editing monitor types, you can specify the following information:
 Configuring Ticket Activity Notifications
  Ubersmith can be configured to automatically notify any and all appropriate admin users when ticket activity occurs in the Support Manager. Most events that take place in the Suppo
 Hiding customer information within RWhois
  Some clients would prefer that their personal data is not exposed when using Ubersmith's RWhois server. You can accommodate them by creating a Custom Client Data Field in 'setup & ad
 Configuring the Syslog-NG device module
 The Ubersmith Syslog-NG device module requires a php-syslog-ng setup.
 IP Pools, Blocks, and Assignments
  The current implementation of Ubersmith's IP management has the following hierarchy:
 Working with VLAN Ranges
  Ubersmith allows for the organization of information relating to virtual LANs, or VLANs within the IP Management facilities of the system.
 Configuring an SSL Provider
  Ubersmith offers support for purchasing SSL certificates from many different providers. To configure Ubersmith to use your account, click on the 'SSL Provider Configuration' link in
 Configuring Virtual Machine Device Type Groups, Types, and Device Modules
  Before you can begin managing your virtual hosts, there is some configuration required within 'setup & admin'. First, you'll want to specify some Device Type Groups and Types to
 Configuring a Domain Registrar
  Before you can register domains within Ubersmith, you need to configure at least one domain registrar:Register an account with one of the supported registrars:Enom
 Event Triggers
 Event Triggers allow you to send data to remote scripts when certain actions take place within Ubersmith. They operate by sen
 Custom Data Fields
  Ubersmith provides custom data fields (sometimes referred to as 'metadata') for clients, contacts devices, and services. From within 'setup & admin', you can define as many
 Worldpay Billing Agreements
 Billing Agreements allow you to establish recurring payments from a client without the need to store credit card data. Ubersmith currently supports billing agreements via Wor
 Configuring Power Seasons
 Power seasons allow you to define how Ubersmith should bill for power circuit utilization. A power season is defined by a start date and end date, and billing rates that appl
 How to configure Device Modules
  Device modules expand the capabilities of device entries within Ubersmith. Device modules can display bandwidth graphs, show database statistics, monitor power usage, and s
 Using Ticket Filters
  Ticket filters in Ubersmith allow you to direct and modify incoming requests to the Support Manager based on a variety of criteria. To set up a ticket filter, go to the Man
 Configuring Ubersmith DE Appliances
  Before you can take advantage of the advanced features Ubersmith DE offers, you will need to configure your instance host to communicate with the Ubersmith DE appliance. This is
 Importing Data into Ubersmith
 Ubersmith currently supports importing data directly from WHMCS. Ubersmith can import clients, contacts, products, client products, and also performs a transfer of current balances due. To import from WHM
 Configuring Moneybookers / Skrill Support
  Ubersmith supports the Moneybookers/Skrill payment service for processing one-time payments through the Ubersmith interface.
 Configuring User Roles
 Ubersmith's User Roles capability allows you to define permission settings, or 'roles' that can be applied to administrative users throughout the system. As an example, a Support Technician may have different access requirements than someone handling
 Email Settings
 Ubersmith has three methods of sending outbound messages:PHP Internal MailThis uses PHP's internal mail() function, and is the default -- and preferred choice. No additional configuration is necessa
 PingOne / Ping Identity Integration
  PingOne/ Ping IdentityPingOne is a single sign-on (SSO) service that le
 Domain Expiration Notices
  Ubersmith can be configured to send email notices to clients before their domain name expiration dates.  In 'Setup & Admin' > 'Domain Registrars' page, when editing the configuration for a given registrar, in the 'Expiry Not
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