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 Understanding the Payments Received Report
  Total Payments Received
 Understanding the Charge Queue Manager
  The Charge Queue Manager within 'reports & stats' allows you to see all credit card transactions which are currently in progress or hav
 Understanding the Invoice / Renewal calendar
  The Invoice/Renewal Calendar is a report that is meant to give the user a bird's eye view of expected income both in past months and projecting into the future. The page itself is pr
 Understanding the Sent Invoices Report
  The Sent Invoices report summarizes the number and total dollar value of invoices generated in Ubersmith over a specified period of time. On the initial report page a summary of the current day, week, month, quarter and year is displayed along with a gr
 Empty VLANs Report
 The Empty VLANs report provides a list of VLANs in the system that are considered 'empty'. A VLAN is considered empty by Ubersmith if it does not contain any IP assignments associ
 Reporting in Ubersmith
 Revenue by LocationThe 'Revenue by Location' report provides a breakdown of payments received based on the locations of the devices as conf
 Understanding the Active Sessions Report
  The Active Sessions Report lists all users (admins as well as clients) currently logged in to your Ubersmith instance.  For each logged in user the user name, full name, and IP address are displayed as well as the day and time that they most recently lo
 Client Reports
  What client reports are available in Ubersmith?In Reports & Stats, Client Manager the following report types are available:Aged Balances
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