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 General Overview
  The order manger is the section of Ubersmith that deals with the processing of new client and service sign ups. ¬†New orders enter the system files under a particular order queue either through a built in form or via the API. ¬†Companies using Ubersmith u
 Adding/Editing an Order Queue
  As mentioned in the Order Manager general overview, an order queue is made up of the steps and actions that take place as a particular order type is processed. To create a new order queue, go to
 Generating an Order form with the Wizard
  Once you have created an Order Queue, it is time to create an order form that can submit new client sign ups to it. From the manage order queues page in 'setup & admin', click
 Using the Advanced Order Form Editor
  The advanced order form editor allows admin users greater control over the look and feel of their Ubersmith order forms. Once a basic order form is generated using the wizard, the
 What template engine do the built in order forms use?
  Ubersmith uses the PHP's project's Flexy (HTML_Template_Flexy) template engine. The project's documentation is available here:
 What are an order form element's 'extra attributes'?
  The 'Extra Attributes' section for an order form element allows you to specify additional attributes that should be included in the HTML tag generated for the element. The format fo
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