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 Replying to a Ticket
  Post a Followup
 Changing a Ticket's Status
  From the Support Manager Page
 Associating a Ticket with a Client, Contact, and Service
  When a new ticket enters the Support Manager from an unknown contact, it will not automatically be associated with a Client. You can associate the ticket with a client, and additional
 Using Ticket Timers
 Ticket timers are used for automatically performing functions on tickets within the Support Manager. With ticket timers, you can change the status, priority, department and owner as well as schedule
 Merging / Splitting Tickets
  Merging Tickets
 Managing Support Departments
  Ubersmith allows you to create and modify Support Manager departments (previously referred to as 'queues') via the 'Manage Departments' feature. Accessible through the 'setup &
 User Management
  The User Management section of 'Setup & Admin' allows the main administrator of the Ubersmith system to grant administrator privileges to other users. Ubersmith allows you to
 Configuring additional email addresses for ticket submission
  By default, Ubersmith will instruct you to create an alias for '' where '
 How to permanently delete tickets
  Marking a ticket as deleted won't remove it or its attachments from the system. For that, you actually need to purge the tickets.
 Ticket Types
 There are four top level ticket types used to reflect whether or not an issue has been resolved or not.  These are Open, On Hold, Closed and Deleted.  The default status for a new ticket when it is received is Open.  The status of a ticket can be updat
 Outgoing Tickets
 In general, tickets are received by the Support Manager as email sent from clients. However, there may be time when an administrator wants to initiate a ticket on behalf of a client. Additionally, there may be times when a ticket needs to be opened on beh
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