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 Configuring Bandwidth Billing
 Adding a New Client
  There are two locations within Ubersmith where you can add a new client:On the Client Manager dashbo
 Emailing Your Client Base
  To email your client base, click the 'Email Client Base' link in the Client Manager dashboard. The resulting 'Email Client Base' popup will have the following configuration options to
 Adding a New Service to a Client
  Add a Service to a ClientNavigate to the
 Ubersmith DE Service Modules
  Service Modules are an extremely useful extension to the basic recurring billing found within Ubersmith. With service modules, you can bill for bandwidth utilization, bill for suppo
 Configuring Tiered Bandwidth Billing
  For the purposes of this article, we'll assume that you have normal bandwidth billing up and running.
 Backup Billing using R1Soft
  Ubersmith offers a 'Backup Billing' service module that will allow you to configure a service plan to bill based on backup service usage. First, you must configure the 'Backup B
 CloudStack Billing
  CloudStack BillingUbersmith's CloudStack Billing Service Module allows you to have Ubersmith bill for CloudStack usage. In the Service
 Tax Exemptions
 The tax exemption system in Ubersmith allows user to define period of time for a given client account when they should not be billed for normally collected sales tax.  During that period Ubersmith will not invoice the client for the specified tax rates
 Master Service Agreement (MSA)
 A Master Service Agreement (MSA) is a documents that can be attached to a client account.  Once added, the MSA will be included as a part of any contracts signed using Ubersmith's Sales Quoting Tool. Standard or Default MSAs can be added to Ubersmith t
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