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 Logging into Ubersmith
 Logging out of Ubersmith
 You can log out of Ubersmith at any time by clicking the Log out
 Migrating an Ubersmith instance
  If you wish to move your Ubersmith install to a different server, please follow these instructions. Unless otherwise specified, commands will
 Force HTTPS (SSL/TLS) Redirect
  Forcing a redirect to the HTTPS protocol will cause clients and administrators visiting your Ubersmith instance at:
 Merchant Gateways Currently Supported by Ubersmith
  Here is a list of merchant providers supported by Ubersmith as of our latest release. This list is updated as support for more gateways are added.
 Forwarding email from additional addresses into Ubersmith
  By default, the Ubersmith setup wizard will have you create a single email alias on your Ubersmith host for directing mail into the Support Manager. Typically, it is something along the
 I am getting the error 'Too many login attempts, please try again later.'
 Ubersmith has a built in rate-limiting feature for client and administrator accounts. After a set number of failed in logins within a certain period of time, the system will lock the ap
 I am getting the error 'Database error saving attachment'
  Your MySQL setting for the
 Error: This function is currently unavailable
  The error 'Error: This function is currently unavailable' typically indicates that there is a problem connecting to Ubersmith's MySQL
 Login Rate Limiting, Account Locking, and Whitelisting
  Ubersmith has a built-in mechanism for preventing brute force login attempts.
 Common Search Issues and Questions
  Searches take a long time to complete. There are two reasons why searches may be
 Saving Advanced Searches
  Ubersmith's Advanced Search feature can help you dig deeper into your client data, allowing you to build reports and export the information for use with other applications. Sometimes you may have a se
 Staff & Client Avatars
  Ubersmith now supports configurable avatars for admins and gravatars for clients.If a client's main registered email address has a global avatar se
 Configuring Boleto Support
  Ubersmith supports the Boleto payment service for processing one off payments through the Ubersmith interface.Boleto ConfigurationYou'll first need to make sure you have an account with Boleto.  You can sign on their site
 Advanced Search
 Ubersmith's basic search can provide quick results to simple queries. When it's time to step beyond basic lookups and more specific data is needed, Advanced Search is preferred. Access Advanced Search by clicking the 'advanced' link in the upper right han
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