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 Disregarding and Regenerating an Invoice
  Disregarding an Invoice
 Control Panel Integration Basics
  There are a couple steps necessary to implement control panel support in Ubersmith. First, you'll need to add your control panel hosts (the ones you will be provisioning accounts on
 Common Search Issues and Questions
  Searches take a long time to complete. There are two reasons why searches may be
 Configuring Boleto Support
  Ubersmith supports the Boleto payment service for processing one off payments through the Ubersmith interface.Boleto ConfigurationYou'll first need to make sure you have an account with Boleto.  You can sign on their site
 FAQ: What ports should I leave open on my Ubersmith and Appliance servers?
  Ubersmith Instance HostInbound22/tcp available to connections from your local/maintenance network and the Ubersmith office ( available to connections from all hosts80/tcp availa
 PingOne / Ping Identity Integration
  PingOne/ Ping IdentityPingOne is a single sign-on (SSO) service that le
 Domain Expiration Notices
  Ubersmith can be configured to send email notices to clients before their domain name expiration dates.  In 'Setup & Admin' > 'Domain Registrars' page, when editing the configuration for a given registrar, in the 'Expiry Not
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