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Ubersmith DE

Enterprise Class Infrastructure Management & Automation

Since 2001, Ubersmith has provided an enterprise-class business management platform for companies worldwide. Our software weaves recurring and usage-based invoicing tools with data center and infrastructure automation. Ubersmith is the single pane of glass through which managers and operations teams can view and grow business.

Complete Client Life-Cycle Control

Automate Recurring Billing & Subscription Management

Ubersmith has a long history billing for online services. The earliest incarnation of the Ubersmith platform delivered one of the market's first recurring billing systems with a specific focus on products delivered by datacenters and infrastructure solutions providers.

As the hosting market evolves with new technologies, Ubersmith evolves with it, consistently delivering enhancements that will increase the return on your investment, the efficiency of your revenue collections and the strength of your operations.

  • Recurring Invoice & Payment Automation
  • Define Your Product and Service Catalog
  • Sales Lead & Opportunity Tracking
  • Automated Workflow and Provisioning Tools
  • GAAP Revenue Recognition
  • Client IP, Domain and SSL Management

Automated Invoicing & CRM

Hands-off automation of invoicing for all aspects of your recurring, subscription-based or service-oriented revenue. Ubersmith will pay for itself initially by recovering revenue you might currently be leaving on the table and, later, by generating new revenue through add-on services.

Resource Based Billing

Long-time leader in recurring billing automation, Ubersmith automates usage, resource and overage billing models for bandwidth billing, tech support time, ticket billing, R1 Soft backup billing, power usage billing and cloud resource billing.

Cloud Billing

Ubersmith has worked to customize resource management tools for a number of public and private cloud deployments. Notably, we provide fully automated billing integrations with popular cloud solution providers Cloudstack and OnApp.

Bandwidth Billing

If you are still manually calculating bandwidth and bandwidth overage charges, you are undoubtedly spending more time and energy on the task than your competitors. Ubersmith allows you to deploy bandwidth billing services within minutes.

Automated Suspension and Cancellation, Late Fees

Ubersmith will maximize your revenue collections by automating invoice and late payment notifications, applying late fees according to adjustable rate schedules, and automatically suspending and canceling the accounts that need a heavier hand.

Multiple-Brand, Tax & Foreign Currency Support

Ubersmith supports separate but permeable administrative interfaces for companies with multiple business units or operating in distinct regions and tax locales. Customize even the tiniest options on a brand-by-brand basis.

Configurable & Flexible Product Catalogs

Default product templates called “Service Plans” allow for detailed pricing and renewal options, capable of flexible client level applications. Manage tax rates, one-time fees, setup fees, upgrades and bill annually, monthly or even hourly.

Pre-Sales, Order and Account Management

Coordinate activity throughout the client life cycle through a single easy-to-use, web-based interface. Process sales leads and opportunities, forecast your pipeline, create built-in order forms, and add workflow rules to guide implementation or manage accounts through billing, support and upgrades.

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Infrastructure Management, Automation & Monitoring

A Complete Datacenter Management Solution

Servers, switches, racks -- bare metal is the foundation of your business. Your management platform needs to leverage this equipment. The Ubersmith Device Manager provides a facilities-based, top-down view of these important resources, allowing for location-based inventory tracking, searchable views by device type and organization of your monitors and custom device data.

The single administrative interface provides a complete view of your architecture across multiple company brands, and your devices will be associated with clients, services and support tickets.

  • Virtualization and Cloud Support
  • Conveniently Create and Organize Uptime Monitoring and Notifications
  • Client Portal Device Access, Reboot and Metrics Reporting
  • Webserver Application and Database Status Monitoring
  • Switch Port Management & Parent-Child Relationship Tracking
  • IP Address Management & Built-in RWHOIS Server
  • Server Metrics, Bandwidth and Power Graphing

Sophisticated Monitoring & Detailed Metrics Reporting

Organize uptime monitors and notifications to tackle downtime. Offer a managed service layer including monitoring options for Varnish, Apache, Memcached, MySQL, Nginx, Lighttpd and OS Command.

Use intelligent monitoring to notify your sales team of detailed server metrics including CPU, Load, Memory, Disk, and I/O usage to convince customers it's time to upgrade.

Automate Bandwidth Monitoring

Monitor bandwidth port-level and OS-level (self-monitored) via SNMP, graph bandwidth utilization, aggregate bandwidth usage across multiple machines and trigger alerts based on traffic levels.

Virtualization Support

Ubersmith supports virtualization tools so that you can manage virtual machines consistently and alongside your bare metal servers.

Deploy bandwidth monitoring, reboot controls and other server monitoring tools for Xenserver and Virtuozzo infrastructure.

Environmental & Power Monitoring

Connect Ubersmith with the power and environmental units in your datacenter.

On the power side, remotely reboot machine, monitor your draw and for the big guys, bill on seasonal rates. For the EMUs, get notified to alert you before your data center catches a fever.

IP Address Management

Organize your IPv4 & IPv6 addresses and networks within Ubersmith and assign them out to clients and devices as necessary.

Includes a built-in RWhois Server to facilitate IP utilization reporting to ARIN.

Switch Management

Manage parent-child device relationships and switch port assignments, and view the status of every port on a switch through one easy-to-use and interactive interface.

Further, our tight client management integration can be configured to turn down a switchport when an account is in arrears.

Inventory & Asset Tracking

Stop guessing where your equipment might be and keep things organized.

Store details on device locations including facility, zone, rack and row, platforms, specs and client and billing associations. Label and tag devices for easy searching and reporting.

Remote Reboot Control

Reboot any device right through the Ubersmith web interface, and allow eligible client contacts to perform their own reboots whenever they wish.

Enhance Communications & Support

Integrate Business & Ops Into Your Helpdesk

Our clients often look to Ubersmith to replace a patch work of several separate solutions, and the top benefit of Ubersmith’s email-based ticketing system is the seamless integration with the CRM and device management tools.

Ubersmith will tighten management of company policy and procedures by organizing your departments and teams within a single, easy-to-use administrative interface. The integrated framework will foster communication between your operations, support and account teams, providing a new perspective on your overall account management goals.

  • Client Portal Ticket Submission
  • Email or Private Comment Response Options
  • Configurable Departments
  • Ticket Timers, Subscriptions and Notifications
  • Configurable Admin User Permissions
  • Email and Ticket Filtering
  • Client, Service and Device Associations
  • Integrated Tiered Rate Ticket Billing
  • Support Staff Productivity Reporting

Full featured Client Portal

Our web-based client portal provides secure access for your clients to pay invoices, review service details, open tickets and manage devices.

Extend their staff configurable access to reboot servers, review server metrics or access customizable details about their infrastructure.

Department Hierarchy & User Management

The support manager is organized according to a departmental hierarchy to enhance communications between departments and provide tools for managing operational workflow. Support team members and managers are notified based on department and ticket activity.

Email Based Ticketing

Our ticketing system allows for client and administrative responses via email, in addition to being managed through the Ubersmith interfaces.

Email piping and filtering options route inquiries to the appropriate departments, and administrators can use private comment features for internal discussions.

Support Time Tracking & Reporting

Ubersmith’s ticketing system can track time spent on internal development projects or customer requests. Sophisticated reporting analyses time spent per client or number of tickets by support team members. Additionally, our billing integration easily automates support time billing on a per hour, per ticket and tiered rate basis.

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Extensibility & Integrations

Extensibility & Integration

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Ubersmith's framework is built for extensibility and integration. With our API modular framework at your disposal, Ubersmith allows your staff to focus on developing your brand and growing your business rather than the real man-hour cost of maintaining custom software and reinventing the wheel.

  • Customizable Order, Service, Device Module Framework
  • API Order Management Tools Support Custom Shopping Cart Integration
  • Support In-house or Third-party Service and Billing Integrations
  • Configurable Event Triggers and Custom Data

Popular Product Integrations

Where do we start? Ubersmith integrates with Quickbooks for financial reporting, R1Soft for Backup Billing, OnApp and Cloudstack for cloud billing, App Logic’s WEB CTRL system for power management, cPanel for account provisioning and service billing, a ton of merchant gateways, registrars, SSL providers and much much much more.

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A Community-Recognized Support Leader

Ubersmith's support department is second to none. Priding ourselves on our white glove support, our team thrives on our customers implementing Ubersmith within their business.

Every business has a different take on the industry, and our team is dedicated to helping you make that differentiation.


With Ubersmith at the center of your infrastructure, the RESTful API 2.0 provides a logical interface that allows your developers to tightly integrate all your systems and leverage the power of the Ubersmith platform throughout your business. Check out our API docs and see for yourself.

Customizable, Modular Extensions

Unlike the patchwork bespoke solutions we often replace, Ubersmith has long been built around a modular framework that's easy to develop for.

We've seen these modules reach out to existing internal systems, perform complicated monitoring or notifications tasks and so much more. Really, just use your imagination.