More than 200 companies in at least 14 countries rely on Ubersmith to better serve their customers, run their businesses, increase revenue and lower costs.


“Trying to run a data center without Ubersmith is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel. Ubersmith has provided a foundation for QuadraNet that enables us to manage and support our equipment and clients in a way that “efficient” doesn’t even begin to describe. The platform is easy to use, but still provides for a nearly endless list of features, enabling us to stay competitive in an extremely fast-paced industry. The Ubersmith support team is one of the most dedicated and helpful that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and the overall service that they provide to the industry is truly invaluable – QuadraNet can’t recommend Ubersmith highly enough.” – Jordan Goldman


“Ubersmith serves as the critical hub for our customer communications and core business processes, where its cross-functionality and visibility from the sales and quoting process through to monitoring, ticketing and invoicing are key. Its flexibility really shines due to its API, which integrates Ubersmith with all of our legacy systems and allows us to present a seamless interaction to our customers. Ubersmith’s flexibility was instrumental in considerations for effectively scaling our business.” – Craig McKesson, EVP Colocation and Cloud Solutions


“When Ubiquity Hosting started using Ubersmith, we were still working off a homemade database of servers. Five years later we’ve grown more than 20 fold and Ubersmith has been instrumental in not only helping to foster that growth, but in helping retain our customers at an extremely high rate through a fully featured control panel. It’s not just well-designed data center management software, it’s integral to operating one or more datacenters in the 21th century.” – Clint Chapman


“Ubersmith allows us to manage our business without having the burden or overhead of maintaining extensive internal systems. We are able to effectively manage customers and offer many value added services which allow us to stay lean internally. Ubersmith is advanced enough for us, being technical people our selves while still remaining user friendly to novice customers. Ubersmith is a great company to deal with and always strives to please.” – James Cornman, CTO


“Gigenet has been working with Ubersmith for several years now and is excited to see what they have in store for the future. The ability to control various aspects of your business through one interface is an incomparable benefit and advantage. Our efforts to sustain a manageable infrastructure would not be possible without Ubersmith and their dedicated staff members. Support is friendly and knowledeable — a rare comodity in today’s world. Keep up the fabulous work!” – Brandon Hale


“The implementation of Ubersmith several years ago was a real game changer for our business, enhancing organization, accuracy, service level and accountability – a major benefit for both our clients and our organization. Since then, the added functionality has been first class, rivaled only by the excellent and readily available support from the Ubersmith team. Do we recommend Ubersmith? You bet!” – Celia Bachman, President & General Counsel