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The Ubersmith platform delivers powerful device management, monitoring and automation tools integrated with a fully featured client relationship and support manager, and will provide a single centralized POV on your entire business.


Milestone Release: Ubersmith DE 2.0 now available!


Spring has (mostly) arrived, and with it comes a new version of Ubersmith!

Team Ubersmith is extremely excited and proud to announce our latest release, Ubersmith DE 2.0! This release contains several new features that we're very excited about, and we think you'll be excited too. Here are some of the updates we're sure you'll love:

API 2.0

The Ubersmith API 2.0 is a RESTful web service for communicating with an Ubersmith DE software installation. This complete overhaul of our API is designed with providing a consistent experience across the board. API documentation can now be generated directly within your Ubersmith installation, so you can be certain it applies to the version you are running.

For now, our existing HTTP POST/GET API will continue to function side by side with the new version, ensuring your existing integrations will function properly.

R1Soft Backup Monitoring and Billing

Our new integration with R1Soft's Enterprise CDP 3.0 product will allow you to monitor your R1Soft Enterprise hosts as well as the agents and disk safes it contains. You'll also be able to perform billing based on your client's storage usage. This feature could help some clients recoup significant costs that they may have not been able to accurately bill for in the past!

Billing Agreements

Ubersmith now supports billing agreements via Worldpay. This feature will allow you to establish recurring payments from a client without the need to store credit card data within your Ubersmith instance. This is an easy way to ensure PCI compliance, as no credit card data will be stored in your Ubersmith installation.

Citrix XenServer Bandwidth Monitoring and Reboot Control

Ubersmith can now handle the monitoring of bandwidth data and provide your administrators and clients with the ability to stop, start, and reboot Citrix XenServer VMs. Being able to properly bill for the bandwidth utilization of your XenServer VMs as well as providing reboot capabilities to your clients is definitely worth getting excited about!

Below, you can find our full changelog for the Ubersmith DE 2.0 release. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support staff.



  • Credit card encryption enhancements
  • Company name now passed to Payflow Pro when charges are processed through it.
  • Add more clarifying tool tips to the system
  • Payment record database entries now explicitly log account credit ids.
  • New object-oriented format for credit card gateway modules
  • Allow any info item to be used as a custom email order template variable
  • Support telling print_context how much output we actually want
  • Improve efficiency of minidash/unread tickets queries
  • Improve efficiency of configuration directive processing
  • Expose script elapsed time as an Apache note
  • License server updates

Client Manager

  • AVS code response from credit card gateway is now stored and displayed.
  • Support bandwidth billing for re-associated and/or deactivated devices
  • Domain and service associations are now logged
  • Support retrieval of CA certificates / bundles
  • Improvements to Nominet integration
  • Clean up HTML Invoices
  • R1Soft Overage Billing
  • Links added to billable tickets in invoices that include support time
  • Billing Agreement Support

Support Manager

  • Additional search parameters added to ticket-client association popup window.
  • Controls to merge tickets added to the ticket list page.
  • Show salesperson & account manager on client tab in tickets
  • User preference to select departments included in New Tickets list
  • The per client default priority setting has been reimplemented

Device Manager

  • Usability improvement to parent device selection when adding/editing a new device.
  • Add port enable/disable links to the end device's page.
  • Log monitor output for device status changes
  • Encrypt Virtuozzo root passwords
  • Extend configurable SNMP timeouts to 5 and 10s
  • Support gathering bw data using realwalk in generic switch drivers
  • Add support for Force10 S50
  • Support VLAN interfaces for 'generic' Foundry devices
  • External Command Monitoring device module
  • NewRelic transaction naming support in Appliance
  • Add additional generic Juniper driver support with VLAN support
  • Support more recent Force10 S50s
  • Improve efficiency of remote reboot onbeforeedit callbacks
  • Modify rate limiting code to allow for higher amounts for Portchannel and VLAN interfaces
  • XenServer Bandwidth Monitoring & Remote Reboot
  • Expand Bandwidth Monitor device module to monitor port state
  • Power Circuit Billing

Reports & Stats

  • Date range controls added to aged invoices report.
  • Set Date Range for "Department Statistics" Report
  • Queued charges can now have their next attempt date changed by admins
  • IP usage report improvements

Setup & Admin

  • Add default late fee schedule option
  • Password change event trigger added
  • Log indexing / search system errors
  • Update PayPal currency codes


  • Update ip_lookup.php to allow specification of IP type
  • Unassign IP address API script can now remove assignments from client accounts
  • Support Ticket Data Modification Via the API (subject, cc, device_id, client_id, service_id, opportunity_id, order_id)
  • Add API script to cancel an order
  • list_monitors API method
  • Add 'description' selector to list_devices.php API call
  • Passing clientid=0 to /api/list_devices.php will now return all devices NOT associated with a client.

API 2.0

  • Initial API 2.0 release


  • Remove non-functional order form file upload element
  • Bandwidth billing service module is now smarter about handling overage services that have been deactivated.
  • Advanced form editor bug that wouldn't allow header elements to have their field names changed has been fixed.
  • Ticket opened event trigger no longer run when tickets were already open in the first place.
  • Aged Invoices report renamed and fields added to better explain the dates of the invoices in question.
  • Editing service prices in orders will now work properly
  • Changing the username of an admin no longer returns an error.
  • Client Interface Access is needed to modify upgrades on service
  • Associated client icon now properly reflects active/deactivated status when viewing a ticket.
  • Expected closure date in the sales manager is now a proper date field with calendar controls.
  • Support manager template variables now reflect the associated contact instead of always using the primary contact.
  • Bandwidth notification emails now include device appropriate variables.
  • Deactivated services appear when searching through active services
  • Invalid ID PHP PEAR Error with config_plan_details.php
  • Add indexes to comment_attach table
  • Correct paging in renewal queue manager
  • Use GET when ordering cPanel licenses
  • Including all authorized contacts under the advanced search feature no longer returns an error.
  • Add ticket to opportunity feature now properly creates that association.
  • Portion of the daily invoicing script that handles late fees no longer throws an error report.
  • Unbilled services will no longer renew automatically until they are invoiced.
  • Correct logging error when adding applications to appliance
  • Update legacy front-end files using direct database access
  • Custom data values may not be displayed on order details page
  • Make sure that zend.ze1_compatibility_mode is disabled when installing / upgrading
  • Service count displayed in the client interface has been corrected.
  • print_context fails when encountering PHP_Incomplete_Class Object
  • PHP fatal error during installation if gettext support is not available
  • Adding a client with an assigned late fee schedule no longer returns an error.
  • Completely localize instances of support ticket status '911'
  • When 'IP Addresses' contact permission is set to 'None', access is not actually denied
  • Child/parent relationship display issue in invoices corrected.
  • Unable to modify "Bill In Advance" for service plans in Setup & Admin
  • Remove the "billing_info" parameter from api/list_clients.php
  • Calling the verify payment order action via the API no longer returns a PHP error.
  • Result highlighting fails when search phrase contains slashes
  • Doubled HTML encoding of headers on re-send email popup
  • Unable to add comment to Account Credit via the API
  • Contact email addresses not indexed properly
  • Correct issues get_inv_xml.php
  • Payment type IS a required variable in add_acct_credit.php
  • Tax rate check in advanced search now properly pulls service associations instead of plan associations.
  • Correct issues with device manager advanced search
  • PDF copies of invoices now better handle .png and other formats of logo image files
  • Deactivated credits are no longer editable
  • Don't update admin last_login time upon API access
  • Use correct spelling of 'Cheque' in UK QuickBooks locale
  • Increase size of 'packages' column in the INVOICES table
  • Enable/disable links for client profile permissions fixed on add/edit contact popup.
  • New Clients count on minidash no longer includes leads
  • Correct error encountered when editing service plan


Hmm... Anyone found the API docs within their install yet?

"API documentation can now be generated directly within your Ubersmith installation, so you can be certain it applies to the version you are running."

I have searched, but cannot seem to find them :-/

Well done guys - that's a whole heap of features & updates! Great work!

API 2.0 Documentation is in the Ubersmith Knowledgebase now ;)

Wow! What a list of updates! Congratulations on your 2.0 release!

Is there any plans for the future for different virtual environment implementations like VMware perhaps? Also and DNS implementation in the works?

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