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The Ubersmith platform delivers powerful device management, monitoring and automation tools integrated with a fully featured client relationship and support manager, and will provide a single centralized POV on your entire business.


Ubersmith DE 1.8.2 has been released!


The Ubersmith workshop has been busy these past few weeks as we put the finishing touches on some holiday goodies, just for you! Ubersmith DE 1.8.2 includes some exciting and long awaited new features, including:

Late Fee Support

Ubersmith will now allow administrators to configure a percentage or dollar amount late fee based on the delinquency of client accounts.


Ubersmith DE now supports billing and resource management for the OnApp platform. CIM

Support for's CIM product has been added. This product allows for Ubersmith to store credit card data remotely with

Lighttpd and Nginx Monitoring

In addition to our existing monitoring for the Apache web server, Ubersmith DE now supports monitoring the Lighttpd and Nginx HTTP server platforms.

Varnish and Memcached Monitoring

Ubersmith DE now supports monitoring the Varnish and Memcached web accelerators.

The complete changelog for Ubersmith DE 1.8.2 is available below:


  • Add controls to limit what credit card types are accepted.
  • Automated Late Fee feature added.
  • Percent discounts should allow for decimals
  • 'Download as .csv' link added to the charge log report.
  • Add support for purchase of SSL certs through enom
  • 100% discounted services now appear in invoices while $0 base price services do not.
  • Sanity check contact details before sending to SSL providers
  • Display payment details in PDF invoices
  • Added option to allow/disallow clients form updating their primary contact information.
  • Ticket timer management interface enhancements
  • Implement search for IP Groups / VLANs
  • Implement SSL renewal orders
  • Realex payment gateway support
  • Add 'time spent' to support staff statistics report
  • Search results ranking enhancements
  • Nginx & Lighttpd monitoring support
  • Add support for IT WatchDogs MiniGoose XP II
  • Support searching debug log
  • Enhancements to Event Trigger management popup
  • Support specifying client id for assign_ip.php API script
  • Summary graph added to the Sent Invoices report as well as tweaks made to html encoding of clients' names.
  • Service plan code character limit increased to 16.
  • Added option to suppress invoice notices from being sent when generated in the order manager.
  • Support monitoring bandwidth usage directly from server
  • Added order module to provision a lead in the sales manager.
  • Add support for EUR,AUD,CAD & SGD in Network Merchants gateway
  • Add support for 3Com 2948 Plus switch
  • Add support for devices up to 16U tall
  • Add indexes to device_events table
  • CIM integration
  • Invalidate switch port state cache when changing port state
  • API methods for editing and deleting IP Assignments
  • Add driver for APC 7840
  • Card type now included in charge log and charge history reports.
  • Updated default script time limit from 60 to 120 seconds.
  • Formatting tweaks to PDF invoice layout.
  • Add debug logging support in Solr search backend
  • Add currency support to Cybersource
  • Send CC IIN/BIN to Maxmind
  • Added ability to update parent/child status of a service.
  • Client and serviced edited event trigger added.
  • Add support for monitoring varnish
  • Add support for monitoring memcached
  • Virtuozzo/VM management service module
  • Highlight the searched-for comment on redirection from results
  • Add support for Nominet domain registrar
  • Add void and refund (credit) support to Cybersource
  • Implement Maintenance Mode
  • Support resizing graph popups
  • Remove unused search.php and breadcrumb.php
  • Updates to 'Self Signed' SSL provider
  • Overhaul output character set handling
  • Database update code for Nominet
  • Added support for Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code to Network Merchants gateway integration.
  • Support ten gigabit interfaces on Summit Black Diamond devices
  • SNMPv3 Support


  • Total payments received and graph on client manager dashboard now governed by proper permissions check.
  • 'Send Mail Now' feature in advanced search now emails all matching clients, not just the first page.
  • "Notify me by email if my tickets change status" preference updated to reflect what it actually does.
  • Order form pro-ration logic now smarter for orders received at the end of the month.
  • Output buffering issue with error reporting
  • Corrected the permissions check for global reports in Reports & Stats.
  • Printable ticket view shows ticket status as a number
  • Devices can now be associated with child services.
  • Fix ticket page looping when user doesn't have access to client's brand
  • EPX gateway integration now properly supports VOID transactions.
  • Update Protx URLs
  • Deal with the concept of domain 'reactivation' in a more appropriate way
  • Purge documents when devices are deleted from DB
  • Cannot change default value in the metadata editor
  • Search results should be better organized to return more relevant results first
  • Quickbooks - don't override the Setup Fee addition job
  • Improved error handling in search document generation
  • /api/list_clients.php doesn't honor old variable names
  • Improved error handling in ticket billing service module
  • Improve Event Trigger admin interface
  • Upgrade display order is now more consistent throughout the order manager.
  • XMLTool performance tweaks
  • Javascript logic corrections to the service group edit popup window.
  • Remove references to 'password' in edit_client.php API documentation
  • Check for errors when using split_domain()
  • Update PHP version checks in setup
  • Virtuozzo Bandwidth Spikes
  • Resolve out of memory error when encountering large numbers of application errors
  • Incorrect gzip headers when exporting data
  • Cybersource gateway cannot be selected
  • Save & New button fixed on add new user popup window.
  • Don't multiply Globalsign validity period by 12
  • Additional error checking in Order Manager
  • Service pre-billed before their start date are no longer re-billed after starting.
  • Client metadata not indexed properly for clients not in the default brand
  • Advanced search of the device manager no longer returns 'no such search field' error message.
  • Undefined variable ado_spg_id in edit_pack
  • Provision Client order module should update Lead
  • Per-department ticket subject matching controls non-functional
  • Incorrect access check on manage_comments.php API script
  • Advanced search dropdown non-functional in IE
  • Improper html encoding of company name
  • Remove unused Report Outstanding Summary
  • Problems with Device Manager advanced search
  • Close session at top of Virtuozzo ajax_summary() method
  • Correct issue where class.virtual_machine_virtuozzo dies with Fatal Error
  • Orders paid by paypal now properly have the payment applied to the generated invoice.
  • Remove excess whitespace to the right of "advanced" search link
  • Break Sales manager classes out into separate files
  • Update php-syslog-ng integration to use new database schema
  • Header CSS styles inconsistent
  • Login name variable in custom client interface links now uses proper contact login when appropriate.
  • Correct Namecheap domain lookup issues
  • Paypal orders now properly update invoices generated before payment is officially received.
  • JavaScript issue with click and drag graph zoom functionality
  • 'Delete Client' more re-labeled the more appropriate 'Deactivate Client'.
  • Correct issue when sorting client-specific tickets
  • Current appliance 'application' table definition prevents logging
  • Ticket list view settings overridden when replying to ticket and changing status

A companion release for Ubersmith Pro, version 5.8.2, will also be available.


Having an issue with this version. I assumed the following change would solve it: "Orders paid by paypal now properly have the payment applied to the generated invoice." This seems to not be the case for new orders. Unless I manually add a payment to a customer, the intial payment they made during the checkout process is not applied to their initial invoice. Can't find any documentation on this.

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