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The Ubersmith platform delivers powerful device management, monitoring and automation tools integrated with a fully featured client relationship and support manager, and will provide a single centralized POV on your entire business.


Ubersmith DE 1.8.0 now available!


Team Ubersmith is proud to announce the latest release of Ubersmith DE!

Ubersmith DE 1.8.0 includes one of the most anticipated features that you, our valued customers have been asking for: faster, more relevant, and deeper search capabilities! While this is one of the larger improvements in the system in 1.8.0, there are some other exciting features we're happy to announce. Please read on for more details.


Ubersmith's new search system based on Zend Search Lucene. Using ZSL as our search platform allows us to provide faster, more relevant results without tying up the Ubersmith database. This will lead to better performance across the board. For our customers with larger datasets, we've added support for Apache Solr, which can boost search performance even more! As an example, a search across an Ubersmith installation with 1.5 million records using Solr can complete in less than a second!

Virtual Machine Provisioning and Management API Functions

We've expanded our API to allow you to manage your VM hosts via Ubersmith's API. Create, destroy, and edit VMs programmatically remotely using whatever development platform you desire.

Payment Processing

As of this release, we now support sending Level 2 data to, eProcessingNetwork, InternetSecure and NaviGate, with support for additional gateways and Level 3 data coming soon. Providing this additional data may help in reducing the fees you pay to your merchant provider!

A companion release, Ubersmith 5.8.0, is available for our Ubersmith Pro users.

See below for the complete Changelog.


  • sv_SE translation added
  • zh_TW translation added
  • Internal documentation improvements
  • New credit card logo images
  • Support passing full Level 2 data when charging credit cards
  • Per-department Incoming Ticket Subject Matching

Support Manager

  • Include ticket list in invoice details for ticket billing
  • Server info fields are now displayed in service summary for associated tickets in the support manager

Client Manager

  • Add ability to sort contacts
  • Add support for brand-specific Advanced Search
  • The per-service balance field has been removed
  • Add 'referred by' field to searchable items
  • Services set to 'canceled' no longer show up as current active services in clients' accounts
  • Include before/after fields when logging service renewals

Device Manager

  • Support customizing the display of device location codes
  • Additional headers in device monitor notification emails
  • Add support for Netgear FSM726
  • Include detailed output in server metrics, bandwidth, pdu and emu aggregate reports
  • Add support for Raritan Dominion PX PDU DPXR20-20L
  • Bandwidth overage services created automatically inherit auto-pay settings from parent service
  • Improve efficiency of switch & pdu attached device listing
  • Add support for ServerTech CW-48VY-L2120
  • Added support for the ServerTech CW-24V2-L30M

Order Manager

  • Support specifying custom taxes in orders


  • New username_exists.php API script
  • Support specifying client ID in subticket.php API script
  • API script to list device location details
  • Allow specification of 'created' field when adding a client via the API
  • API script to list Order Queue and Step information
  • Virtuozzo API enhancements & documentation
  • API methods for working with IP Groups
  • Clarify PHP-style usage of arrays in API documentation
  • Update PDF and internal documentation for api/delete_credit.php
  • Added an API script to manage device tags (tag.php / untag.php)

Payment Processing

  • Support Level 2 data in, eProcessingNetwork, InternetSecure & NaviGate modules
  • Support specifying currency for PayflowPro gateway
  • Support use of PayPal Sandbox for testing


  • Modify RWhois server output to accomodate changes in ARIN regulations
  • Upgrade TCPDF
  • Add check for PHP SOAP extension in setup
  • Update dynamic tree css
  • UI enhancements for selecting table rows
  • Configuration setting to bypass setup redirect during development
  • New appliance update parameters


  • Correct limit, offset and order in list_invoices()
  • Numbers entered with commas no longer result in math errors
  • Auto-size device module graph (and other?) popups for Chrome users
  • Invoice list in apply credit popup hard limited at 20 items
  • Don't default credit card number to '0' in built in order forms
  • Edit client popup uses raw SQL
  • Pager links in admin user logs non-functional
  • Invoice id formatting issue in charge log
  • Authorized ACH charges are now properly refunded by the order manager when an order is canceled
  • Tall company logos leads to unusual gradient on the 'retrieve password' popup
  • Properly handle Comodo not URL-encoding certificate data
  • Issue with VOID transactions using ECSuite gateway
  • HTTP monitors ignore last line of output if no newline present
  • 'Save and New' will no longer allow admins to create a device module with no configuration
  • Review permissions for the Support Manager Unified Account view
  • Invoice ID line wraps on PDF Invoices when more than 5 digits
  • Only update latest_inv client property when automatic invoices are generated
  • Don't attempt pre-authorization for $0 orders
  • Commenting and reassigning a ticket does not send notification to newly assigned user
  • Issue with Ioncube encoding and PHP 5.1 & 5.2 compatibility code
  • Improve data sanitization before transmission to QuickBooks
  • Ticket status doesn't change in summary section when modified by admin user
  • Account credits not included when generating a manual invoice
  • Check MySQL connectivity during setup
  • Company name incorrect in ticket information client tab
  • Department specific 'support staff notification address' does not receive ticket notifications
  • Power status update executing unnecessary database queries
  • Indent level calculation problem for devices not on the first page of result set
  • Allow for the Row/Rack field to be left blank
  • Client interface ticket-related display issues
  • Confirmation emails no longer being sent for incoming tickets
  • Problems with auto-unassignment on ticket reopen
  • Pass T_reference when performing Auths and Voids with Sage Bankcard
  • Error in update_power_status() when there are no PDU device types configured
  • Flash signature applet broken by SWFObject javascript upgrade
  • admin_info called improperly
  • 4PSA order module causes fatal error when Soap extension is not installed
  • Form elements can not be deleted via the advanced form editor
  • Cannot get port listing for 'Generic Unmanaged Switch' driver
  • Error messages when there are no VMs on a Virtuozzo host
  • Aggregate graphs do not display properly in current chroot appliance build
  • Undefined index PHP notice in the renewal calendar reporting function
  • Possible to specify negative prices when creating services
  • RWhois server doesn't handle NET requests gracefully
  • Users with 'view' access to billing/invoicing tab cannot disregard invoices
  • Undefined variable error in uber_base class error handling
  • gateway.php attempts to use invalid ticket property bcc
  • Problems with ticket notification emails when filters are used
  • Give OpenSRS something to use when the company name is not defined
  • Fixed the javascript that sometimes caused device menu popup links to break
  • Problems with empty parameters in ECSuite module
  • Incorrect options in ticket type dropdown when viewing tickets by assigned user
  • unserialize() fails for large arrays
  • undefined index error in device_edit
  • Problems with IBM Gigabit module after PHP5 upgrade
  • Convert minfraud response data to UTF-8
  • Account credits for coupons not applied when order invoice is generated
  • Payment type incorrectly logged for ACH payments processed via the client interface
  • Account credits cannot be edited
  • uber_http_client uses $extra without checking if it's set
  • ticket notifications not sent to multiple comma-separated addresses
  • Reloading order view can re-process actions
  • Don't remove whitespace when logging credit card gateway communications
  • Account credits for credit card charges incorrectly logged
  • Edits made to account credits are now properly reflected in payment logs
  • Block error reports for deprecated php features
  • service custom data fields in orders cannot be edited
  • Attachments not properly logged when re-sending email
  • Units not specified when setting element dimensions via JavaScript
  • Correct an issue when listing invoices for transmission to QuickBooks
  • Services pre-billed before their start date are double-billed for the second renewal period
  • Display issue when location codes are '0'
  • Table name case problems when database is running on windows
  • Incorrect iframe width when using IE8 in IE7 compatibility mode
  • Include height in device changelog popup
  • Attachments not correctly linked to new tickets submitted via email
  • Duplicate payments recorded when using PayflowPro with Paypal IPN
  • Use getdate not localtime
  • Do not allow pro-rating one-time fee services
  • Correct issues with Device Edit popup
  • Apache & MySQL monitors don't check for polling errors
  • str2time cannot properly parse dates in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Persistent connections causes problems with multi-threaded polling
  • Revise bank configuration for APC 7841
  • Problem searching for deactivated clients in advanced search
  • Correct issues with ticket filters
  • Payments Received report incorrectly classifies payments as "other"
  • json_decode issues on PHP versions earlier than 5.3.0
  • Add service popup javascript not updating price on period change
  • Incorrect error messages when ticket attachments cannot be saved
  • Opportunity ID incorrectly linked in client interface event log
  • Fatal error when credit_order_refund cannot VOID transaction
  • Problem with order form brand url checking when multiple brands share the same URL
  • Ticket actions not logged in certain situations
  • Renew-now link not available in some situations
  • Turn off auto email notification in ticket time billing module for services with no included support
  • Client ID template variable formatting is inconsistent
  • Default to 'unknown service' when trying to synchronize plans from other brands to QB
  • Don't override country / lang settings for .eu and .be domains
  • Multi-page report_current_users.php directs to wrong report
  • Don't try to disregard invoices that aren't in QuickBooks
  • Undefined function pack_renew_error called when renewal of post-renew service fails
  • Provide Maxmind error messages
  • Correct an issue related to realserver information caching
  • Error handling issue during upgrade
  • Daily invoice list report for current day shows invoiced clients twice
  • Per service ticket listing issue fixed
  • Don't override the owner org_name for .ca domains
  • Actual payment status of an invoice now trumps any order specific payment records in the verify payment module
  • Daily support summary no longer includes 'array' in odd places
  • Non-static methods should not be called statically
  • Correct Current IO bandwidth in Server Metrics monitor notification
  • set_magic_quotes_runtime deprecated in PHP 5.3
  • Daily invoicing script now renews any services with time stamps set to renew before noon on the current date



I'm glad to see all the changes made in this version. I did have a few questions though.

1) Modify RWhois server output to accomodate changes in ARIN regulations

Can you please clarify this one?

2) Is the API documented clearly for setting up Virtual Servers? If so, where?


Its should be nice to have a top10 list on most used switch port in mbps in next release.

I see another update and still no late payment feature :( also whats the plan for fixing pro-rating to work for dates other than the 1st?

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