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The foundation of the hosting industry since 2001

The Ubersmith platform delivers powerful device management, monitoring and automation tools integrated with a fully featured client relationship and support manager, and will provide a single centralized POV on your entire business.


Ubersmith DE 1.7.0 Now Available!


Team Ubersmith has been working hard all winter long to bring you an excellent new version of Ubersmith DE. We're really excited about some of the new features available in Ubersmith DE 1.7.0. We are also providing an update to Ubersmith Pro, 5.7.0.

Here are a few of the new features in Ubersmith DE that we can't wait for you to start using:

Virtual Machine Management

Create, modify, and manage Virtual Machines directly through Ubersmith. Provide remote reboot and bandwidth monitoring facilities to your clients just as you would for physical hardware.

Switch Management Service Module

Automatically turn down switch ports based on service status. If the service is cancelled or suspended for non-payment, Ubersmith will automatically turn down the switch ports on any associated devices.

Renewal Queue Manager

Keep up to date on the status of your service's renewal processes, and head off problems as soon as they are encountered.

Apache and MySQL monitoring

Ubersmith can now provide detailed query activity monitoring for MySQL, and connection data polling for the Apache web server.


Ubersmith now has improved handling of transaction data for clients using accrual based accounting.

Load Balancer and NAS device support

Ubersmith now supports tracking load balancers and associated virtual IP connection data. You will also be able to view NAS filesystems and related connection rules via Ubersmith.

Support Manager Unified Account Overview

Access client data (services, orders, devices) quickly and easily from within the Support Manager. Need to look up a client's phone number or address? Want to see what service the ticket is about? You can do it all without ever leaving the support manager.

This release also includes over 150 fixes from the previous release!

See below for the complete changelog.


  • Offer additional MySQL variable settings during setup
  • Ubersmith news feed integrated into main admin dashboard
  • Misc PDF invoice improvements
  • Support filtering by Client/Device status in Advanced Search
  • Added the ability to search for transaction IDs

Support Manager

  • Added Ticket Timers from Followup & Comment Screens
  • Added an option to make 'time-spent' fields required
  • Reworked the ticket view information & association display
  • Increased the granularity of ticket notification controls
  • Automatic refresh can now be disabled
  • Automatically update last activity times in the ticket list when auto-refresh is used
  • A ticket's activity type is now displayed in notification emails
  • Ubersmith now uses AJAX to load posts on ticket response & comment forms
  • Ubersmith now uses AJAX to process ticket owner,department,status,etc updates
  • Added the ability to insert time spent in emails via the 'timespent:' command
  • Is/Is Not Client ticket filter rule added
  • Support Manager code cleanup

Client Manager

  • Renewal Queue Manager and manual service renewal features added
  • Device Location filter added to email client base feature
  • Support re-activating deactivated upgrade groups & options
  • Allow clients to be added to mailing lists based on metadata
  • Client/Service/Device comments can now be configured to be client viewable
  • Added "select all" check box to services list in clients' accounts
  • Worldpay added as payment type in mark payment popup
  • Improved Globalsign error handling
  • Added option to notify contacts of their new password
  • Added "Client Since" to Client Profile Page
  • Provided WHOIS Privacy support for domains registered/transferred by OpenSRS
  • Added parent/child filter to advanced search feature
  • Improved error handling in the domain renewal popup
  • The System now allows for editing the username and password associated with a domain
  • Added domain reactivation support for OpenSRS
  • Monthly renewing services can now be billed in advance
  • Added external attribute support for .us TLDs to OpenSRS

Device Manager

  • Added a Switch Management service module
  • Disable/reenable monitors when turning device off/on via reboot control
  • Added a virtual machine management feature
  • Added tooltips in bandwidth monitoring configuration popup
  • The system now represent space utilization for devices that take up more than one U
  • Improved wording for public/private IP assignments
  • Added the ability to export device information
  • Support service renewal with bandwidth billing enabled but no devices associated
  • Track disk I/O for disks with no partitions
  • Added support for Cisco 11050
  • Added support for Netgear GS724T
  • Added 'Device Exclusion' to the Bandwidth Billing Service Module
  • Ubersmith will now show error details when monitor cannot open connection to device
  • Added support for specifying per-port date ranges for bandwidth
  • Device module framework now returns all appropriate device storage data when no single device is specified
  • Added device module events for IP Assignment changes
  • Added method to bill for outbound 95th percentile only
  • Added support for monitoring SAN devices
  • Added element background bar graphs
  • Added Apache & MySQL monitoring modules
  • Event trigger for adding / deleting an ip address from a device

Order Manager

  • 'Generate Invoice' order module now limits itself to services contained in the order
  • Added order form wizard option to reject orders upon pre-authorization decline
  • Added a report regarding total support time spent on clients
  • Added ajax re-sorting controls to advanced order form editor
  • Ubersmith now sets the section name in order form template data
  • Added support for provisioning accounts in the 4psa DNS management system into the order manager
  • Allowed linking Orders to Opportunities
  • Added support for minFraud 1.1
  • Added support for Maxmind failover URL

Reports and Stats

  • Added a report to summarize expected revenue by service plan
  • Included credit card type in Payments Received reports
  • Added a report for refunded taxes
  • Service plan activation / deactivation is now logged
  • De-duplicate data in device log event entries
  • Added CSV output for detailed data on Service Plans report
  • Added a 'Cancellation Report'


  • Check numbers are now carried over to Quickbooks
  • Elegantly handles syncing to quickbooks when service plans have been manually deleted from the database
  • Ubersmith now updates the last successful QuickBooks transaction on every sync
  • Implemented changes to QuickBooks integration to accommodate accrual billing
  • Ubersmith now allows admin to set QuickBooks Income Account when adding new plan
  • Migrated QuickBooks Web Connect logging to system-wide logging facility


  • Removed limits from list_packs and list_child_packs
  • Added API scripts to work with Leads & Opportunities
  • Attachments can now be added to new tickets & ticket responses via the API
  • Improved error checking in api/getmetadata.php
  • Added support to the API to pass card holder authentication data to
  • Added API scripts to list unassigned IP addresses and create new IP assignments
  • Extended api/list_ip_groups.php to list ip groups by facility
  • Added 'Submit outgoing ticket' API script
  • api/get_inv_xml.php enhancements
  • Added an API script to list device events
  • Added an API script to list login usernames
  • Added the ability to allow specification of username in add_domain API script

Payment Processing

  • Added support for the US version of the Moneris eSELECTplus gateway
  • Added support for the Canadian MONERIS eSELECTplus merchant gateway
  • Improved PsiGate? error handling
  • Moved credit card and ACH gateway configuration into gateway module files
  • Implemented support for VERePAY gateway
  • Added support for T_recurring_payment variable to Sage Bankcard gateway
  • Made various updates to EPX gateway

Setup & Admin

  • Percent discounts now allow for decimals
  • Modified listing of Comodo product offerings
  • Bandwidth notification emails are now stored
  • Added configurable default settings for client invoice send date and grace period
  • 'Device Edited' event trigger added
  • Made password reset expiration a configurable period


  • Provided support for alternative locale file names
  • Improved Comodo error handling
  • Index added to the 'email' field in the CLIENT table
  • Added updates to Comodo support
  • Improved the efficiency of device list/search queries
  • Improved method used for indication of required fields
  • Improved the speed of ticket listing functions
  • Disgarded the use obscure PEAR DB functionality
  • Improved memory usage in nightly invoicing cron
  • Added support for persistent MySQL connections and automatic freeing of result sets
  • Support Department Response Time report rewritten to no longer require a temporary table
  • Added various device module framework updates
  • The system will now release session lock before requesting graphs from the appliance
  • Added autoload functionality for more efficient loading of class files
  • Updated zh_CN locale translation
  • Retest Monitors before changing state
  • Threading support for device monitoring
  • Allow appliance models to specify configuration parameters
  • Improve efficiency of power status update code
  • Added a shared cache for multi-appliance installations
  • Added an uber_base class for object-oriented development
  • Upgrade script enhancements


  • Support Manager auto-responses no longer come from the 'to' address of the original email.
  • Number of invoices generated in the new service payments calendar no longer based on invoice send date.
  • Updated invoice renewal calendar to handle pending and suspended services properly
  • Correct issues with cPanel integration
  • Canceled or ended services are no longer removed from normalized revenue report
  • Provision Client order module no longer sets company name to client's full name
  • Fixed bug with custom field default values being set and/or shown for tickets in inappropriate departments
  • Trim whitespace from strings when sending to the database
  • Editing a client account in Quickbooks no longer messes up the syncing process
  • Correct an issue that prevented order queues from being deleted
  • 'Send invoice now' will always properly display credits to apply now
  • Fixed various language management issues
  • Taxes paid by account credits are now properly listed in taxes received report
  • Ensure SoapClient? objects are using 'is_soap_fault' not 'fault'
  • Minor correction to ACH Direct backend file
  • Add stricter checking on $response values for soeasypay module
  • Correct references to 'details' value in EPX module
  • Improvements to Netbilling payment gateway error handling
  • Deactivating a service applies credit, unexpectedly renews domain
  • Custom service notes can now be set via the API for new services
  • Edit user permissions no longer limited by the current user's department limitations
  • Built in order forms now validate form id against brand url
  • Include period in inv_packs records
  • Various sales manager interface tweaks
  • Improper escaping in setup PHP CLI check
  • Correct an issue with sizing the device module error log popup
  • Reason code properly logged for failed credit refunds upon cancelling an order
  • Correct an issue with SSL private key and CSR generation
  • Change default priority for outgoing email opened as ticket to Normal
  • Verify that the MySQL PHP module is installed earlier in setup
  • Fix problem renewing domains when service renews before domain expiry
  • Correct issue with certificate cancellation/revocation code
  • Deleted devices cause problems with port display in dm_pdu
  • Pre-bill logic updated to include renewals happening on the current day
  • Sales Manager leads are no longer synced to Quickbooks as clients
  • References to the defunct Ubersmith forums removed from the setup process
  • Searching in the event log for numeric strings has been fixed
  • Always use correct brand when processing PayPal IPN payments
  • cPanel integration dependent on currently active brand
  • Corrected Unable to set "Automatic Refresh" to 'disabled' bug
  • Export Data feature can't export services
  • Handle race condition when devices are deleted during a polling run
  • Brand limitation permission doesn't work
  • Cannot mark VLAN range as assignable
  • Properly switch to upgrade mode during system upgrade
  • Correct problems with ICMP echo tests under FreeBSD
  • Avoid re-POST confirmation after a mass update with auto-refresh enabled
  • Service status report shows no data
  • ##ticketlink## variable in support manager templates is now brand specific
  • Date/time picker positioning problem
  • Correct spelling and formatting errors
  • Don't reset type selection when using links for My/Unassigned/New/Subscribed tickets
  • Add service plan popup has extra \ at the top
  • Synced sales manager and client manager pages
  • PHP notice in mimeDecodephp when parameter value is empty
  • Order total incorrect after editing service
  • 'Add Credit Card' module now checks for duplication of existing credit card
  • edit_client fails when attempting to update only custom fields
  • Editing secondary details of a service plan resets tax configuration
  • Handle an issue where invalid IP address data is sent to Psigate
  • Corrected reply address & time spent required settings when ticket opened via My/Unassigned/New/Subscribed queues
  • Correct problems when registering ca domains via OpenSRS
  • Correct a notice issue encountered when using the PHP Suhosin patch
  • Order manager will no longer attempt a separate auth_capture when generating an invoice for a client with more than one card on file
  • Quickbooks sync no longer tries to pull clients from all brands
  • Improve handling of CPU metric data
  • Correct an issue encountered when deleting tickets via email
  • Correct JavaScript issue on Manage Departments page
  • Manually deactivated account credits are no longer visible to clients
  • Switch to client's brand when viewing tickets
  • Add account credit popup now requires the user to select a credit type
  • Service notes in an invoice are no longer carried over to following services
  • Provide pem download link for complete SSL certificate orders
  • Service plan custom data default values edit popup ungrouped
  • Properly report successful domain transfers via eNom
  • Improve Graphing HDD usage on Windows Machines
  • Improve functionality of "reply:client" email command
  • Correct an issue interpreting encoded message subjects
  • ip_assignment_new_search never returns more than 10 results
  • Date specific normalized revenue report no longer lists only deactivated services
  • Correct an issue encountered when deleting VLAN ranges
  • Clients can view all IP Groups in the system
  • Rare instances where old invoices with sub-zero outstanding amounts affecting account balance has been fixed
  • Improper html escaping of ticket subject on client interface dashboard
  • Do not verify OpenSRS' API host SSL certificate
  • Changing service association for device resets IP assignment group association\
  • Upgrade option order is now honored in service details page
  • Error deleting device from device list
  • Confirm link scrolls page to top when clicked
  • Changing coupons doesn't reset upgrade discounts
  • Order summary double-counting coupon credits
  • Properly handle SSL certificate orders for countries outside of the US
  • Favicon changes are now clearly updated within Setup & Admin
  • List IDs in Quickbooks are no longer overwritten on Setup Fees
  • Javascript confirmation not functioning properly in admin/devicemgr/ip_assignmentsphp
  • Problem with count of matching device ids when searching for non-numeric terms fixed
  • Add internal generic storage functionality for devices
  • Search not matching when one of the searched fields is null
  • Fixed attachment support in /api/ticket_respondphp
  • Charge log no longer records pre-authorizations as full charge entries
  • Save and New javascript in IE refocuses on the main browser window
  • Service plan title for setup fees now properly displayed in advanced search results
  • Stop sending unexpected decimals to ECSuite
  • Don't echo out XML data when processing payments via ECSuite
  • Self-signed certs now use their corresponding CA cert/key
  • Localization fixes
  • Unified internal logging system
  • Searching contact email addresses fails to match
  • Credit card included in order details is now auto-associated with services in the order after being added to the client's account
  • Add option to unassign tickets reopened by clients
  • Correct typographical error on order form configuration page
  • 'edited' text incorrectly linked in event logs
  • Correct issues with bw_notification error handling
  • Corrected error in second database connection string
  • Paid one time fee services no longer factored into service count in email client base feature
  • Errors parsing DSN improperly handled
  • RWhois server may close connection prematurely
  • IP address utility class updates
  • Added a department access check to outgoing ticket popups
  • Ubersmith has trouble handling switch ports in the format "0/1"
  • Normalized recurring revenue report now properly accounts for renewals happening mid-day
  • Clean up date handling
  • Ticket list refresh javascript can cause high system load
  • Default ticket sort method set to "Priority Descending"
  • Hard limit of 20 items removed from Invoice list in the 'apply credit' popup
  • HTML margin fixed in the "Authorized Contacts" box in the client interface
  • Remove wildcard types from GeoTrust? product listing
  • Email from names configured in the client communications page in setup & admin are now properly used in outgoing emails
  • Total dollar amount now displays for all service plans in the 'service plan' report section
  • Multi-page links in taxes collected reports now display the proper page
  • Ensured that all reports factor in "setup fee" plans
  • Fixed double service bug for newly created services
  • Fix a PHP notice occurring in planincphp
  • Correct an issue with the Order element rule 'Regular Expression'
  • Normalized revenue report logic updated
  • Fixed client-side mail-log display issues for authorized contacts
  • Fixed logic of the balance check section of the domain renewal function
  • Fixed various display bugs in Internet Explorer 8 (Quirks Mode)
  • Correct an issue where an infinite loop is encountered with php-syslog-ng
  • Orders paid by ACH now properly recorded in the charge log
  • Sage Virtual Check transaction ids no longer truncated to six characters
  • Transaction id is now properly passed when refunding charge for canceled orders
  • Fixed bug with the 'edit user' popup listing order queues improperly
  • Correct a MAX_ATTACH_SIZE constant naming conflict
  • Fixed issue with ignored default value in the ticket billing module
  • Properly handle VOIDs within Sage Bankcard gateway
  • Correct a problem with ECSuite transactions
  • The ach_refund function now properly passes the payment type to strongbox
  • Fixed bug with achdirectrefund bug which caused refunds to fail
  • Improve metadata_search results memory usage
  • Custom fields displayed on the services details page are now based on the brand of the pack instead of the client
  • Message board access check fixed
  • Fixed bug in the function that applies retried charges
  • Typo removed from send_overdue_notice() function
  • Default taxes on setup fees will always be included when adding a service
  • Upgrades and their options are no longer added with priority 0
  • Correct a display issue when configuring VM Host device module
  • PHP5 on CentOS throws error in session_regenerate_id
  • Correct an issue with Chrome with respect to ticket time spent alert


Tracy, I'm afraid those features are only available in our Datacenter Edition product.

Keep up the great work guys!

Looks great! Nice job ubersmith team! Can't wait to use it.

No VM Management features or Apache/MySQL Monitoring in the Pro version?

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