Business Case: Hosting

Web Host Billing & Automation

Why do your customers choose you? Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers? Do you sell backup, domains, or maintain webserver applications? You are in an industry that evolves daily, and you need a solution that will support what you'll be selling next year. Ubersmith will become the foundation that will keep your business ahead of the pack.

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"Within the past 10 years that I've been in the hosting biz, I've never had a vendor give me the respect that Ubersmith has. Here's to the last billing system we'll ever buy!" - Chris Meisinger, Wingsix
Ubersmith for Web Hosts and Server providers

Dedicated Server & Traditional Hosting

The Name of the Game is Automation

The Ubersmith software platform has consistently delivered solutions to providers selling bare metal servers and add-ons. We’ve watched the industry evolve and we recognize that the companies that continue to thrive need automated platforms for delivering secure and reliable infrastructure, quickly.

  • Single-page glance of your equipment and the status of all monitored ports and servers
  • Straightforward and efficient bandwidth transfer configuration and billing
  • Advanced webserver application monitoring & IP management simplified

Automate Client Life Cycle End-to-End

From boarding the customer through their last invoice, Ubersmith automates the monotonous tasks of invoicing and collections, leaving you to focus on more critical and technology-driven needs.

Bandwidth Monitoring, Data Transfer & Overage Billing

We make bandwidth management pretty simple. Monitor data transfer and transfer rates via SNMP, graph bandwidth utilization, track usage per client assignments, aggregate billing across multiple devices and trigger alerts based on traffic levels.

Remote Reboot Control

Ubersmith's automates reboot configuration and provides easy-to-use client accessible controls. Allow your clients to solve their own middle-of-the-night support issues and give your 24/7 response teams a rest.

R1Soft Backup Billing

We love generating revenue through automation and the delivery of backup solutions provides the perfect opportunity. Our R1 Soft integration automates usage-based and 95th percentile billing for data storage. Let your customers consume backup as they grow. Ubersmith handles the rest.

Ubersmith for Managed Hosting providers

Managed Hosting Providers

Proactive Monitoring to Impress Your Customers

Don’t let our focus on infrastructure scare you. Our billing, service management and device management tools form an essential business management suite for shared hosting providers and general IT solutions specialists.

  • Domain Registration, IP Management, SSL Management
  • Recurring Service Billing & Hourly Billing for Development
  • Uptime Monitoring & Notifications
  • A Robust Framework that Promises Expansion of Your Product Line

Intelligent Servers

Managed Server Providers will appreciate the tools provided for deploying and monitoring Varnish, Apache, Memcached, MySQL, Nginx and Lighttpd. Server metrics, bandwidth graphs and reboot controls are provided through a client portal, allowing you to deliver a "self-serve” managed service layer.

cPanel Automation

The Ubersmith Order Manager will fully automate cPanel license and account creation, relieving you of all provisioning and initial billing tasks.

All-In-One Account Manager, Help Desk and Order Management System

Integrated sales management, order processing, account administration, automated billing, web-based client portal and support department communications tools provide a complete suite of CRM functions.

Manage Multiple Brands

Operate several business entities from within one Ubersmith instance. Operations teams will still reap the benefits of organizing equipment in one place, while sales, invoicing and communications configurations depend on how you want to present yourself and to whom.

VPS Hosting

Virtualized Infrastructure Providers

Virtual Datacenters are Datacenters Too

Virtual hosting and private cloud infrastructure solutions are an increasingly flexible and essential part of delivering the right class of service. Ubersmith has worked closely with top providers as these technologies emerged and we’ve crafted an expertise in delivering automation for virtual server provisioning and management that your engineers and clients will appreciate.

  • Virtualization Support for Parallels Virtuozzo and Citrix Xenserver
  • An intelligent framework that suits resource management and billing
  • Monitor virtual machines as you would any other server in Ubersmith

Deliver Scalable & Resource Savvy Solutions

By providing hybrid physical and virtual server options side-by-side, your engineers will deploy infrastructure efficiently while business teams can renew contracts for core usage and compute scaling. With Ubersmith, your business can be more flexible, providing cost-effective and high-performance hosting.

Ubersmith & Citrix Xenserver

One of the most popular virtualization platforms on the market, Ubersmith communicates directly with the powerful Xen hypervisor to monitor, poll and manage individual Xenserver machines. Utilize the same server management features that Ubersmith delivers for your dedicated servers on your virtual devices--advanced status monitoring, bandwidth billing and remote reboot.

Ubersmith & Parallels Virtuozzo

Manage and monitor Virtuozzo Hosts, create individual Virtuozzo virtual machines and edit their resources from within Ubersmith. Monitor bandwidth, automate overage billing and provide reboot controls for administrators and clients.

Virtual Machine: Just Another Server

Virtual machines and dedicated servers will be grouped together providing an at-a-glance view of your datacenter. Assign IPs, manage device-client associations, organize uptime monitors, and deploy webserver applications on your VMs as you would any other server in Ubersmith.