Business Case: Colocation

Become More than Ping and Power,
Become Managed Colo.

Datacenters and colocation providers will appreciate the simplicity of configuring billing and service options whether you are selling by the rack or the unit.

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"We're constantly recommending the product to any other providers looking for well-designed data center management software." - Corey Northcutt, Ubiquity Hosting
Colocation management that makes sense.

Create new product lines, extend existing ones.

Deepen Your Customer Relationship with Extended Monitoring and Integrations.

Ubersmith offers sophisticated power monitoring, seasonal rate scheduling and usage billing. Environmental monitoring is also supported, and our framework can support integrations with facilities management systems.

Colocation providers can easily offer and provision add-on services like bandwidth billing, monitoring and notifications or remote reboot controls. Every facility is a bit different, so we’d love to hear more about the features of your facility.

Automate Transfer and Overage Billing

Bandwidth billing has never been easier. Monitor data transfer and transfer rates via SNMP, graph bandwidth utilization and track usage for your network uplinks. Bill for total transfer, inbound, outbound or 95th percentile.

Detailed Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental metrics, and configure notifications to alert you to problems before equipment is damaged.

Power Management

Monitor your PDUs and potentially other power circuits, monitor draw and bill according to configurable seasonal rate schedules.

Account Management

A full-featured customer relationship manager provides an all-in-one sales, billing and support platform--all of the tools you will need to provide exceptional account management.