Business Case: Cloud Providers

Taking the Mystery Out of
Cloud Billing & Management

Our partnerships with cutting edge cloud solutions providers like Cloudstack and OnApp will provide easy-to-launch options for your new product lines. Ubersmith has long provided customized resource management and billing support for private cloud deployments. Contact us today and let’s discuss your platform and technical requirements.

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"Using Ubersmith as our base OSS and CMDB, we ended up with a better, more polished product, and saved considerable time in bringing VoxCLOUD to market" - Raj Dutt, Founder & CTO, Voxel.
Ubersmith Cloud Integration

We've Got Our Head in the Clouds and Our Feet in the Data Center

What Does the Cloud Mean to You?

Contrary to the apparent wisdom of the user, you know that cloud solutions are not deployed by magic incantation. Our framework for supporting cloud solutions is based on a long history delivering automated provisioning, virtualization support and resource-based billing tools.

To Ubersmith, the cloud means dramatic flexibility in billing & provisioning. You choose the software and sales pitch, we'll handle the rest.

Modular Approach to Resource Management

Through its modular platform, Ubersmith can tailor billing models and cloud integration to match the specific needs of your cloud offering.

Beyond Recurring Billing

A decade ago, Ubersmith led the billing world for subscriptions and recurring service billing. Before the cloud became ubiquitous, Ubersmith consistently broke new ground in automating resource-based billing solutions. With Ubersmith at the core, your choices wont be limited by any one technology or model.

Enhance Your Cloud

Your managed customers expect the same expertise you've provided them on physical infrastructure.

With the advanced monitoring and graphing capabilities provided by Ubersmith, you can carry those value adds seamlessly across your offerings and into the cloud.

Deliver Cloud Alongside Traditional Hosting Solutions

Don’t allow trends to limit the future of your business. Ubersmith makes it easy to deliver cloud services alongside more traditional infrastructure deployments, making your toolkit stronger and more flexible in the long view.

Supporting Integrations with OnApp, Cloudstack and private clouds

Supporting Integrations with OnApp, Cloudstack and private clouds

Fully Supported Cloud Resource Billing & Service Management

Ubersmith is proud to offer enterprise-level support for delivering billing and support for third party cloud solution providers like OnApp and’s Cloudstack.

Virtual resources like CPU cores, CPU shares, memory, disk space, IP addresses, backup space and data transfer can be managed and billed based on hourly or daily rates that you control. Ubersmith also provides customized resource management and billing support for a number of private cloud technologies.

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OnApp Billing

One of the most talked about cloud platforms in the industry, OnApp enables offers 60 second VM creation, automatic failover, utility billing and point-and-click control of cloud resources and users. Ubersmith supports fully automated OnApp billing and management for deployments.

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Cloudstack Billing

Use Ubersmith to monetize your Cloudstack installations with integrated account creation and powerful usage-based billing for Cloudstack resources. Billing your Cloudstack and infrastructure couldn't be easier.

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Private Cloud Solutions

Even before it was officially called The Cloud, we have long provided assistance customizing automation and resource billing support for our traditional hosting providers emerging virtualized, PaaS, IaaS and other on-demand service deployments.

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Automate Resource Management

Allow client to scale their PaaS and IaaS deployments up and down themselves, only paying for the resources that they use.

Learn more about our cloud integrations and framework. Give us a shout today. REQUEST DEMO